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I don't like this piece. Its smug aura mocks me.

[ZombieCorps takes over the reins to a beloved community standard in art and expression, Destructoid Draws! From Smash characters to indie games, the community is a wealth of artistic expression just waiting to be converted to DeviantArt Sonic the Hedgehog OCs. ~Marcel]

Greetings all, it's me, your best friend, ZombieCorps. Over the holiday season a certain beautiful blonde fish had hinted that 2018 would be the end for semi-regular feature Destructoid Draws. I could not stand to see one of my favorite community activities disappear. I have decided to take the reins and ride the high art blog into the new year.

The prompt for my debut was to take a sprite or game from the early days of home consoles and re-imagine how it would appear in a more modern setting. Let's get to it!

TheBlondeBass - "Glub Glub"

Breakout will always be, for me, a game closely associated with my father. He's not much of a gamer, but he had Breakout on his Blackberry, and damn if I wasn't jealous that he could play video games on the go!

Years down the line, 6-year-old kids own iPhones that can run Fortnite so this kind of game has lost its appeal. It has neither the flashy graphics of today, nor the depth of some classics like Tetris. Yet my memories of begging dad to get the chance to play some Breakout are fond indeed.

...Hm? Yes, I played a lot of Celeste recently, why do you ask?


Boxman214 - "The Hero We Deserve"

For this Destructoid Draws I decided to take on the most complex pixel art in gaming: The Pong Ball. And I totally didn't trace a lotion bottle to make the circle. Nope. That was free-hand.

I chose The Pong Ball because Pong is arguably the most important video game ever made. I definitely didn't pick it because it was just a circle. Nope. Wouldn't have done that.


indigit4l - "An Artist of Few Words"

Yo!! My submission is here and.. it stinks!


Shoggoth2588 - "Avian Enthusiast"

What the hell is SQIJ? Well, in theory, SQIJ is a game where you control the titular bird-monster, exploring a maze in pursuit of food or treasure or what have you. In practice, SQIJ is a game that's unplayable until you go into the code itself, type in 'poke 23658,C' (go to 1) and hit enter. Once you start playing, you get to enjoy a slow moving maze similar to a pre-alpha version of Sabrewulf. There are enemies that you can attack but there's no graphic that shows you shooting them. This was a game that was actually sold, for real money, in 1986. In the same year Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Akumajou Dracula, and Metroid launched, a jaded programmer tossed garbage code to a developer who chose to publish and sell it to ZX Spectrum and Commadore 64 owners...and, honestly, I'd rather play this than a majority of Atari 2600 games I could have played at the time.


ZombieCORPS - "Will Work for Brains"

Galaga has always been one of my favorite games growing up. I love everything about it, the marquee art from the arcade cabinet, the vast improvements it made from Galaxian, the sprites; everything. Galaga is responsible for my love of bullet hell shooters of today.
I took the sprite of Boss Galaga and turned it into a drawing in the style of something you may see if Galaga was made into a Saturday morning cartoon.


Thank you to Bass for trusting me to not run his legacy into the ground. Thank you to our artists for taking time to share. Thank you for coming to support us all. If you missed the deadline or you want to retroactively participate, blast your art in the comments.

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