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Ah Crap.

I got ANOTHER blog. I only come here for the news and podcast, and now i'm suckered into a profile then a blog.


Dear Blog...
Today, work sucked. I'm going to leave it soon, preferably at the end of the month so i get a nice (if anorexic) pay-cheque before i go. I'm also tempted to work the two weeks in December (we get paid early in December... two weeks early in fact), so that i get two months of pay for one month of work. It's just coping with the work place for four more weeks. Would it kill them to get new monitors in there? My eyes hurt.

I did come home to Guild Wars Factions CE. It's amusing that although it's a bigger box than the Night Fall CE, it's not as heavy. The reason i buy these things is for the art book and sound-track, but the other bits and bobs are nice. A mouse-mat i'll never use in fear of wearing it out. A cloth picture that will never come out of it's packet. A desk calender that's a year out of date. A map that i have better pictures of on GuildWiki.

You can tell i'm smarting a little. 37 for this? I mean don't get me wrong, it's uber limited edition and all that, but seeing the Night Fall one was 19...

Half Life 2
I'm spreading the Valve love, what with my own copy of Orange box on the 360, and now bought the PC version for my friend. It's a shame that Half Life 2 really does seem pretty bland. Yes, i'll admit, i'm not one of those people who already know how many nasal hairs Gordon has. I tried a demo of HL2 but never really bought the original game... each time i went for it, new editions came out and the prices sky-rocketed. Not to mention Alice (my PC, shush!) isn't really that powerful anymore, and i really prefer the idea of FPS games on the 360.

But yeah, bland. The driving/boating sections were pretty blank, the guns don't seem that exciting, the action again just seems very un-exciting too. Maybe Bioshock, Halo 3, Fear and the like spoiled me (less Fear, but even that had it's "holy crap!" moments), but in my eyes, Half Life 2 doesn't age well.

Now Portal, that's fun. It's a barrel of half-drunk monkeys wearing razorblade costumes, and you've just been blindfolded and told it's 'bobbing for apples'. The commentry is amusing, the weighted companion cube is my new best friend (the f*ckers better make a plush version!) and the whole gameplay is fiendishly mind-blowing. Yes it won't last long, but it will be fun along the way.

Sadly i've not tried the rest. No XBL connection, so no TF2, and i don't see a point in playing HL2:EP1/2 before finishing HL2. But hey, early days yet.
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