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Phils Phindings #5 Mysterioso Pixxelcato


Ah, the Mysterioso Pizzicato. The musical cue no decent novelty-bearded Vaudeville villain can live without. 

The probably quickest and most efficient wait to establish the attributes of sneakyness and scariness in a situation or character. Consequently, it was used by a large number of medial productions since the dawn of media itself, preferrably in a crime or horror scenario. When video- and computer games became commonplace, it was only a matter of time till the inevitable hop on the tied-up-damsel bound trainwagon would occur. Todays post includes a small selection of games making use of the sample:


#1 Wizards and Warriors (NES, 1987)

#2 Mickey Mania (Sega CD, 1994)

#3 Kings Quest VI (Multi, 1992)

#4 Spelunker (Multi, 1983)

#5 Ghost Manor (Multi, 1983)

#6 Ghouls (Multi, 1984)

#7 Phantom (Multi, 1984)

Update 17.02.2019:

The first half of it can also be heard in Dragons Lair (SNES, 1993):

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