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a new game called Bowshot Zero is coming, and it's being made by a kid


Hi, my name is Calvin. I'm the owner, developer, planner, coder, tester, artist, music maker, and designer at lava bomb studios. It's just me here, with a little help from family. And if I do say so myself, I'm doing pretty dang good. In just 1 year, I promoted an old java game that I'd almost forgot about called pony express, made a sequel to that game in just 4 months, with a storymode, multiplayer, and good graphics. It's definetly my best yet. I've also invented an RPG series called time travel in lenkas, and made 2 entries. It's pretty good if I do say so myself. But other than a few crummy racing games, that's about it. So now to talk about the project I've been working on since before Time Travel in Lenkas 2 released. Bowshot Zero. As said by the title, your only weapon is a bow and arrows. Your name is Asher Jones, your a hunter in the group of towns, known as Hazen City. Recently, natural disasters have been plauging Hazen city, which is kind of funny, because plauge is one of them. Extremely potent thunderstorms have been in the forest, blizzards are coating the mountains, Wildfires are burning up the hills, Earthquakes are rocking up the desert, Tornadoes are sweeping up the waterfront, meteor showers are raining over the dried lake, and everywhere is covered in sickness and plague. Your dad, the one who taught you to fight, fell from it. As Hazen city started as a research plantation, there are scientists to see whats wrong. It seems that some sort of machine, or supernatural being, is causing these. Since Hazen city has no milatary, they sent you. Good luck, you are REALLY going to need it.

The full game is set to release september 12, but I have put a demo on my website for you to play. https://gamingwithcalvin.com/

I have a trailer out too, for those of you who watch those, however the recording quality is quite low due to bad editing software. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pu9q2B7y0Q

Please note that as of now, all these games are free. Thank you for reading this

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