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U R Mr Gay Commemorative Coin

Whilst out and about on my lunch break I decided to stop by the Circuit City that is conveniently located next to Chipotle. I walked straight back to the games department and find about 40 copies of Super Mario Galaxy just sitting there talking amongst themselves. One copy just happens to see me walk past and JUMPS into my hands.

ME - “Why hai thar little fella, how arr j00?”

SMG - “Buy me now or I’ll gut your dog.”

ME - “KK”

I walk up to the cashier and pay them my hard earned moneyz and leave the store. As I’m walking out I notice that the case has doubled in thickness. I pause to take a look and find another box had been placed in my bag. It contained a damned Mario Galaxy themed coin! I did a 360 jump followed by a quick pose with one hand way up high giving the peace sign (or victory sign, whateva).

Now I’m back a cubical… depressed that I can’t play U R Mr Gay… thinking about coins… and how Princess Peach better not tease my cock in this game.
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