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How to get older episodes of RetroforceGO!: For SR388


So, in the comments section of our last show, SR388 (great name!) asked how he could download older episodes of RFGO! from iTunes. Well, I looked into the situation and the answer is thus:

I really don't know.

See, most of the time, Destructoid is run by a select few, highly intelligent code masters that work tirelessly to ensure that the site runs like a Swiss clock. But sometimes, when those code masters occasionally collapse from exhaustion, the site is run by an arcane mixture of hope, fairy magic, three AA batteries, an effigy of Winston Churchill, and a vial of Chad Concelmo's tears.

Now, while Dtoid is about 99% the same under both methods of operations, a few details sometimes get overlooked when we're operating under the latter method mentioned. One of those details happened to be the number of shows that we had told iTunes to list for RFGO! (Apparently, that number was ten.)

Thankfully, the boy-geniuses that normally run the site noticed this and went into the heart of the machine and changed the iTune settings. Now exactly when the series of tubes that carries information such as this reaches Steve Job's money-making jukebox, is anyone's guess.

In my experience, iTunes is notoriously slow on the uptake and it may take quite some time for you to be able to download older shows from that service. In the meantime, though, you can download every single episode that we've released over on our feedburner RSS page-thingy.*

I really hope that that helps anyone interested in older episodes, and I would like to give a preemptive thanks to anyone whose willing to go back into our podcasting history. You rule, and thanks for listening.

*Believe it or not, but I'm convinced that the entire Internet is run on the hope-magic-batteries-effigy combination (Chad's tears are exclusive to Dtoid, all rights reserved). And I also have no idea what an RSS feed is, nor how you burn one. Scary, huh?

(Logan's Run pic just because it's awesome.)
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