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Games and Stuff's Top 5 most anticipated games of 2019 (So far!)


So as 2019 begins, new games are being confirmed and coming out. While doubtless the most exciting of these are yet to be announced, I do want to go over a few titles I’m particularly excited for. This year may not be fully confirmed, but I’m still willing to share. These, are the (as of now confirmed) games that I am most excited for!


5:) Kingdom Hearts 3

A classic staple of my childhood, I’d be wrong to deny my nostalgia for Kingdom Hearts. The series has always had the goofy charm factor of a disney story as written by Nomura, and the action gameplay the man is so skilled with. As of this year, it’s been 12 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, and it’s about time.


...So why isn’t this higher on my list? Simply put, I got tired of waiting. In the time since I last got absorbed into a Kingdom Hearts game, I’ve played so many more games that surpassed the series. I got sucked into the hypnotic loop of Overwatch, cried during the last day of Persona 5, cheered when Luke changed himself in Tales of the Abyss. So many games that changed my perspective on art, culture, and life.


In that same time, Kingdom Hearts kept spinning on with spin off after spin off. 358/2, birth by sleep, Dream Drop Distance, Coded, 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, fragmentary passage, I kept buying game after game, to get minimal progress on the series story, or add completely new characters and arcs! It just got tiring, and that fatigue killed most of my hype for it.


...That said it’ll be nice being on an adventure with Rapunzel and Flynn in game form…. But at this point my interest in the game is less pure enthusiasm and more “let’s just get this over with.”


4) Metro: Exodus

To be clear, I haven’t played the previous two Metro games yet. So then, why is this one on my list? Simply put, a first person shooter with survival elements set in a post nuclear Russia with a focus on world building and narrative? It’s simply to much of a “me thing” to pass up. That said, I do need to play the previous two Metro games first. But still, It’s something I look forward too.


3) Spelunky 2

A sequel to the original Spelunky, one of my most played games...ever, this one is high on my interest as a result. A rougelike platformer is always something ready for my list of most anticipated games. That said, I do hope that we get a Switch port because for me, rougelikes work best on portable. Ah well, say love.


2) Dragon: Marked for Death

Last year I finally got a chance to play Inti Creates Azure Strike: Gunvolt series. It quickly became a favorite of mine for score based gameplay, before I dropped off into 20XX and other Switch games. But that said, I became a fan of the studio. And Dragon: Marked for Death, looks like a satisfying purchase.


It’s hard to say if the game will have enough content to justify the asking price of 30 dollars for all four characters, but I still got plenty of hours out of Azure Strike, even with the shorter campaign. So I’m looking forward to supporting Inti with this one. And hey, nothing wrong with having another co-op action game on my Switch.


  1. Anthem.

There are...reasons to be worried about Anthem. Bioware has not attempted anything like it before, loot shooters usually have a rough first couple of months getting there footing, the community may be to small due to the reputation EA has. But all that said, I’m still hyped to give this one a try.


Anthem being set in a unique sci fi world has a ton of promise, and the ability to fly armored suits is always sweet. Easy customization and swapping between mechs seems like it could make loot gathering more fun. The game seems to have min/max potential, which promises to be a blast for grinding on a stressful day. And of course, matchmaking for every activity so no risk of being left out of high end content like with Destiny’s raids! Regardless of what happens, Anthem is the game I’m most looking forward to picking up when it launches on the 22nd of February.


Two quick honorable mentions:

Ghost of Tsushima: no word on if it’s launching this year, but Sucker Punch made my favorite games as a kid, so getting them on a Samurai game is exciting.


Death March Club: Unsure of when this one is coming out. But the directors of Danganronpa and Zero Escape are working on it. Between Kodaka’s ability to create a distinct visual style and insanely complex mysteries; and Uchikoshi’s elaborate stories, puzzles, and philosopical ponderings, it’s sure to be a magnificent game when launched.


So anyway, those are my most anticipated games of 2019 so far. What about the rest of you? What are you all looking forward to? And yeah I know, sorry for an uncreative first blog, but I figured it could be fun to write. Anyway, that’s all for now!


And hey, maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 will be better then I expect. At least Square isn't doing anything like making the Way to the Dawn keyblade Keyblade a pre order exclusive from Amazon-Annddd that's actually a thing. T_T. I can't wait to finally close the book on this chapter of my gaming life.

- Adventurer into the world of games, and average joe writer, William.

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