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See? That headline was clever. No whole words. GET IT?!

After being completely down for the count yesterday, I happened upon that the Fall Update for the 360 is going to go the Virtual Console route and allow for the downloading of full Xbox games! The first games to come out will be Halo (duh!) and a few others, but most notably for me, Crimson Skies! I loved that game and will likely blow my $15 to get this on my nice new 360 that doesn't have 3 red lights. (Old one died, new one has HDMI and is the new Falcon chipset. Suck it, old busted 360!)

While I definitely applaud Microsoft for going this route with the marketplace, I do wonder if that means will get some more BC updates? While I don't have any original Xbox games anymore, there were a few out there that I would like to play, and my wife still adores Crazy Taxi (don't ask why...some things have no answers...or logic.).

(photoshop unavailable...crappy Windows Paint version done at work)
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