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'Tis the Season: Shog and Holidays


I didn’t mean to put this off until the last minute but I’m completely at a blank when it comes to my Holiday traditions when it comes to gaming. I’m going to brainstorm and see if I can come up with anything on the fly here. The first and most relevant holiday I can bring up is New Years Eve and Day. During this time of year, I’m usually playing whatever video games I received or purchased as Christmas presents. I’ll have a really good idea of which is my preferred game a week after Christmas but I’m still in a honeymoon period with potentially several new games. This also applies for Martin Luther King day only by this point I’ve likely finished one or more of the shorter games and am focusing on either a longer Christmas Gift or else I’ve gone back to playing an older favorite. My birthday is next, on February 5th and if I don’t wind up with a new game, this is a day when I’m most likely to replay one of several Final Fantasy titles. I would say that I try to avoid military shooters during Memorial Day but the last military shooter I really cared about was Spec Ops: The Line. Besides, if I DID want to play a military shooter, The Fourth of July would be the best time to do it. Next up is Labor Day which I don’t really observe, just like Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Veterans Day. Thanksgiving would be a great day to play one of the many Kirby games but by that point in the year I’m usually busy working and too busy focusing on which games I might want to pick up during sales. Then there’s the big one: Christmas. You might think that this is the day I get to play and enjoy any new games I might have received as gifts and if those are Nintendo games, you would be correct The truth of the matter though is that Christmas Day is the day that I make sure my Non-Nintendo consoles are fully updated and ready to install games.


I’m going to be 31 in a few weeks so the sad truth is that for me, the Holidays are more or less just like any other day. If anything I don’t have as much time during some of those days since I get together with my family. When I was younger, I didn’t really have any gaming traditions either: I didn’t play MMOs so there were no instances of me getting together to raid with anybody and, I didn’t do LAN parties either. In a way, you could say that I celebrate every day by gaming at least a little bit but I can’t recall which creed it is that considers every day a holy one.


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