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[update] BrOnXbOmBr21 finally turns...you guessed it: 21!

Well, we all know from Hamza and Ron that yesterday was the esteemed Tiff�s 22nd birthday. But little did you know that the anniversary of my very own birth was nigh, and now it is here! It feels like it took forever, but I am now officially of legal age in this country to do anything (except rent a car)!

Last night, a bunch of friends and I went downtown to around 80th St. and went bar hopping, and by �bar hopping�, I mean that we went to two bars because we didn�t leave until around 1 AM (remember, I wasn�t officially 21 until after midnight). But we had plenty of fun once we did leave � the first bar we went to, George Keeley�s on 83rd & Amsterdam Ave., had a great selection of beers on tap: there was this big chalkboard with like twenty different beers listed (along with their ABV, which is always good to know). Interestingly enough, they also had free popcorn, which was awesome. Afterwards, we headed to the Gin Mill (81st & Amsterdam), where one of my friends got some great cheese fries that we all shared. The best feeling, though, was being able to give the doormen my New York State license (which still says UNDER 21 on it; I haven�t yet gotten my new license), have them look at it with a flashlight, scan it, and finally let me through. The doorman at the Gin Mill even wished me a happy birthday after looking at my ID!

Oh yeah, here�s the video game-related part of this post: We left the Gin Mill at last call, which was around 3:30, and took two cabs (there were six of us by then) back to Columbia. We all chilled in my friend�s room and smoked hookah while we watched the newest episode of South Park � you know, �Guitar Queer-o�. It was pretty funny...and it caused Cheap Trick�s �Surrender� to become stuck in my head. Overall, it was a great night, and today is shaping up to be pretty solid as well: there�s the big Giants-Cowboys NFC East showdown, which starts in about a half hour, and then, at 9 PM, FOX will be airing the last new episode of Family Guy for a while: the conclusion to last week�s �Stewie Kills Lois� episode (this one is entitled �Lois Kills Stewie�). It�s sad, but due to this damn writers� strike, this is the last episode that they have completed for this season, according to IGN�s interview with Seth MacFarlane on the picket line. Hopefully, this�ll be resolved soon. Regardless, I�m sure I�ll enjoy the episode, because at the very least, I�m already enjoying my birthday.

The Destructoid Robot seems to know that it�s my birthday as well:
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