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PC Gaming You Did it Again (that not good thing you do)


I will be brief with my gaming history for a moment. Nintendo fanboy as a child, grew up to buy all the consoles when I had a job, eventually dabbled in PC gaming which I grew to love and ultimately prioritize. Going back a few years I abandond PC gaming though. A torrent of shoddy ports, online cheating, insulting DRM policies, and complete lack of player bases for games I wanted to play (that had large player bases on consoles). 

Something pulled me back into PC gaming within the last year or so though, I'm not sure exactly what it was but I started building up a collection of Shmups and Pinball games. Not your AAA variety, no I was steering clear of those. 

Jump to today and the release of Just Cause 4. This is a series for whatever reason I just preferred on PC and wanted to keep things consistent. Boy was that a mistake.

Just Cause 4 on PC is an ungodly mess of a port. It’s unplayable, crashing every 10 minutes or so. The graphics are seemingly locked at medium settings, the water effects are non-existent, and textures are so bad they make you think your graphics card overheated. The problems go on and on.

I can’t even refund it because I bought it through GreenManGaming. My mistake I suppose. But ultimately it was my mistake to think PC gaming has gotten any better in the last decade. No, AAA game publishers still treat PC gaming like a red headed stepchild, giving porting duties to the lowest bidder.

I scratch my head as to why they do this. I understand sales of these AAA PC games are usually always the smallest, but they don’t have to be. If they made better products they would sell better. Overwatch did well on PC, so did Fortnite and PUBG. Sure, there’s a “type” of game that PC gamers prefer. They are a larger install base by number, but not by fanbase for these AAA games. But they’ll NEVER grow that fanbase by giving them garbage PC ports that don’t even run.

Why bother then? Just don’t make a PC port. All this makes me do is never want to buy another one of your games again Avalanche Studios. If I didn’t have a choice, I would have just bought it on PS4 and gone my merry way. But no, you sold me something that literally doesn’t work on PC.

With a 33% rating on Steam, I am not alone. This is simply not tolerable.

What makes all of this worse for me is a message I get this morning on my phone from Amazon telling me Smash Brothers is on the way. My emotions went from immediate excitement, to a warm fuzzy feeling of knowing this game will function perfectly when it arrives, to instant anger that Just Cause 4 PC makes me feel this way just at the mere mention of a console game.

As Todd Howard would say, “It just works.” And console games typically do. They have a far better track record in my experience than PC games do and developers tend to throw more money into them to ensure they work. Though, the lines have certainly blurred in this generation with Day 1 patches being synonymous with launches of nearly every game, but still.

Ugh…end rant….hope they eventually fix this game.

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