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O.M.G. Xbox Elite Controller on Switch...With Warframe


 I...just played Warframe on Switch using an Xbox Elite controller wirelessly. Gyro controls worked, the back panel buttons worked and it was absolutely glorious. After a week of playing with joycons, making adjustments and adapting to playing on Switch, I was getting pretty good on Nintendo's little portable that could. But I wasn't quite as fast as playing on PC with the Steam controller. I was closer than I ever thought I could be on dual analog with motion controls but I still felt it could be a little better if I had a better controller (the monstrous deadzones on the Switch version make high level gyro use a necessity). So after doing some research on Youtube on My Mate Vince's channel, I threw down some scratch at Amazon to get the Brook X One adaptor. It arrived today and only took me about 15 minutes to set up with an updated firmware installed and I was off to the races and man, it only took me a couple of minutes before I was wall sprinting, sliding and gliding through the air gunning down enemies with ease. I'm still in shock it worked so well. The Elite controller doesn't even natively support motion controls but the X One does and works so well it feels like it's native. 

Now I'm looking at the Pro controller like... "ewwww, no." All the games I can play now with proper controls, better analog sticks...A REAL D-PAD...dude...I could cry...

- Bayonetta? She's in hell. Satan's favorite whore. Bwhahahahahaha

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