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C-Blogs of 11/11 to 11/17 + Pokemonisms


Haldo! Yes, I’m still alive!

So I just finished Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee a little while ago. Between that, work shenanigans, Thanksgiving weekend, preparations for my upcoming trip to Chicago this coming weekend, and just how out of control my life feels sometimes, things have been a bit hectic. So being able to chill out with the original 151 in Kanto with episodes of the original anime in the background is a very, very relaxing time.


I’ve mentioned how Pokemon got me into gaming before, but I don’t think I’ve described just how much Pokemon has been a part of my life. While my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Crystal, I’ve been into the series since the beginning. I watched the anime, I bought the trading cards, I played with various toys, the whole shebang. I made friends through shared love of the series, which led to some of the happiest times of my childhood.

Let’s Go had me enjoying Pokemon in a way I haven’t felt since the original Game Boy games. No more breeding for perfect IVs or better moves. No more trying to figure out what EV points to invest in where. No having to worry about getting the wrong ability for the Pokemon you’ve spent the entire game with. It’s just me and my favorite Pokemon. Natures are still here and they’re as obnoxious as they’ve always been, but I can boost my Pokemon to a hilarious degree, so I don’t care as much. Even catching wild Pokemon is better than I thought it’d be. It’ll never quite be as exciting as using your Pokemon to weaken them first, but getting straight to the point without having to worry about accidentally making your target faint is a huge relief.

Also, you get to ride on a big floofy Arcanine. Tenouttaten.



* - Salador wrote an amazing blog about what the gaming industry can learn from the likes of other artistic mediums about the depiction of war. Because let’s face it, nearly every game based on a real war is the same. Let’s spice things up a bit with some variety!

* - Boxofstuffingman214’s Blogger’s Wanted entry about Stardew Valley really gets to me. Is it because I’m going through something similar in my own life? Most likely, yes. It’s still a good read.

* - Chimpomagee talks about all the various depictions of cooking in games in his Band of Bloggers entry. Whether it’s cooking by the book in Cooking Mama, getting experimental in Breath of the Wild, or even finding the coveted wall-chicken in stuff like Streets of Rage, you can always find some kind of culinary delights in games.


S - Shoggoth2588 made a Blogger’s Wanted entry about his love for the Final Fantasy series. A solid choice for purchasing games on multiple platforms for sure, even if some of the ports have been a bit…questionable lately.

P - Are you ready for Pocketoid Episode 100? RetroForceGO is. They join the Pocketoid crew to talk about all things Game Boy. And all things Pizza Rolls.

A - Brazen Head is an avid supporter of Fur Fighters, an obscure game that started life on the Dreamcast. Apparently it was ported to the PS2 and eventually iOS, but you can’t buy the iOS version anymore. You can read all about it in his Bloggers Wanted entry.

A - BlazeHero comments on the rather hilarious backlash to Activision Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo Immortal. He makes some good points, but I have to disagree with the whole “mobile games are on the rise argument”. That might’ve been true several years ago when mobile games were actually good and wasn’t filled to bursting with overly-monetized copies of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.

A - BlazeHero also comments about why Sony not being at E3 next year isn’t as big of a deal as people might think it is. With more companies moving towards their own presentations at their own locales, E3 becomes less relevant to them.

A - You ever think “I wonder what that would taste like” when you at some video game creature? Boxofstuffingman214 has a list of ten savory species to make your mouth water.



C - Being a parent is hard. This is exponentially so when your financial situation isn’t great and your kids are being problematic. Reading Destructoids Very Own Ein blog about his current living situation really makes me want to give him a hug.

E - Destructoid’s Secret Santa 2018 Turbo Arcade Edition is officially on! The due date for signing up was November 19th. Which I completely forgot about like the chungus I am. Whoops.

D - Our resident Jonathan Holmes has been dabbling in stuff again. I misread that as “dabbing at night”. I’m clearly not the only one.


R - Kerrik52 goes back into Spyro’s history in this week’s Traveller’s in Playtime. Specifically with Spyro: A Hero’s Tail.

T - Meanwhile, DiVISIVE Shinobi talks about some of his favorite run-n-gun types of games. The first few games he talks about include Contra: Hard Corps, Blaster Master Zero and Gunstar Super Heroes.

T - Games were only recently defined as protected art back in 2011, but many of us considered them works of art much earlier. ConvoyJon talks about how looking back at Metal Gear Solid 3 made him understand that.

R - Adam P continues his series covering 30 of his favorite hidden gems. #11 is Captain Skyhawk for the NES.

R - #12 is Road Trip: Vacation 2012 for the PlayStation.

R - #13 is Camp Champ for the PC.

R - #14 is Outlaws for the PC.

R - #15 is Guardian’s Crusade for the PlayStation.

R - #16 is Toy Pop for the PlayStation.

R - And #17 is Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES.

D - Osc has a playable demo of his game made. It’s pretty simplistic, but it was mostly an exercise in getting familiar with Unity. Go give it a look and some feedback.

D - Flegma’s also been working on his own game dev project. This one’s for a microcomputer from the 80s. There’s no playable demo, but the screenshots look pretty interesting.

R - There’s been a lot of backlash to Fallout 76 since release and for good reason. CaptainSharkFin gives a less negative take on the game. It’s not exactly as unbiased as he claims, but if you want to hear about some positive aspects of the game, give it a read.


F - Boxofstuffingman214 talks spoilers in the latest episode of Doctor Who; “Demons of the Punjab”.


C - ExaBella parrots old news about Nintendo going after emulation websites, but doesn’t provide any sources to back up their claims. Writing 101: always cite your sources whenever you make claims.


F - Here’s a blog that could’ve just been a small series of quick posts.

That’s all 28 of them. These blogs take a good chunk of time to write up, so let us know in the comments if you’re willing to help us out. The next C-Blog will recap everything that was posted from November 18th through the 24th.

And remember, the sun is not a place to live.



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