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ZtP's Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Brawl Speculation Guide


Geno, of all characters, has an unusually large fan backing. Despite all this, I wouldn’t rank his chances of getting in all that high. I’ve even heard that he wasn’t even mentioned as a playable character in the Japanese poll but rather a trophy. Square Enix is relatively stingy when it comes to the use of their intellectual property. Yeah yeah, Geno appeared in Mario & Luigi to explain the rules of a mini-game but that was a shoddy cameo at best. Squenix is like the captain of the cheerleaders. Leagues of people fawn over her but if you got to know her, you’d realize she’s a bit of a bitch. Suffice to say Square and Nintendo haven’t always been on the best of terms. They won’t even allow any of their games to appear on the VC; this doesn’t exactly help Geno’s case.

The Blue Bomber is the most deserving of the final slot and probably has the best chances as well. Given Mega Man’s upcoming 20th anniversary, should he make the cut he just might be announced on 11/18 when they celebrate the anniversary in Japan, or 12/17, which is the actual date of the anniversary. You heard it here first. (I forbid Tron Knotts from using that guess on both those dates in BlindsideDork’s contest.)

Aside from the third party prospects, the more I look into it, the more I get convinced that Krystal will become a playable character, even if I’m not ecstatic about it. (I’m sure Neonie just did a fist pump followed by an enthusiastic “Yesssssssssss!” somewhere out there.) Other than that the only other likely note worthy character I could foresee happening would be Bowser Jr. Possibly in celebration of staring in a game that doesn’t wind up sucking? The weight parallels make all more convincing with pairings like Kirby and Deedeedee and DK and Diddy. Perhaps further speculation is best left for another time. The sky is the limit and no one knows what Sakurai might think up next.

Phew… long post is long.

[Pics done by deviant art users Coelasquid, Mr_DNA, and Bonus_kun respectively]
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