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Guitar Hero III song packs are still a gyp

So I got back from class around 6:15 tonight, and since I was eager to see what Sony had added to the PS Store, I stopped folding and booted up the store. This Thursday�s update is pretty significant: they�ve added the long-awaited demo of Uncharted: Drake�s Fortune, which weighs in at 1.2 GB (I�m downloading it as I type this). There�s also a demo of 2K Sports� College Hoops 2K8, as well as three new themes that can now be used as of the v2.00 update to the system software. There�s also an add-on for MotorStorm, but the two things I immediately noticed were the two brand-new song packs for Guitar Hero III.

The first one features Velvet Revolver songs: �She Builds Quick Machines�, �Slither�, and �Messages�. Of course, this makes sense, considering Slash is in the game and commercials for it. But I�m not a Velvet Revolver fan, so I don�t care about this group of songs.

The second pack is comprised of three Foo Fighters songs: �All My Life�, �The Pretender�, and �This Is A Call�. Now, I am a Foo Fighters fan, but one of the reasons I won�t be downloading this pack either is because I�m only familiar with one of the songs (�All My Life�). I wish they�d chosen �Everlong�, because that�s probably my favorite song by the band, or at least �Learn To Fly�.

But my main gripe with these song packs isn�t the content; it�s the price. Regrettably, Activision has chosen to follow the same pricing scheme they used with Guitar Hero II and its Xbox LIVE Marketplace song packs; each pack costs $6.25 on the PSN. This is outrageous, as many gamers have said, and I�m even more pissed off at the idiots who just eat up these packs, seemingly regardless of cost. We all knew Activision was setting a dangerous precedent, but apparently, not enough of us did anything about it. On September 11, 2007, Activison announced that the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II song packs had gone multiplatinum, and I�m sure Activision just said to themselves, �This is fantastic, guys! 500 MS Points might be highway robbery, but our customers don�t know any better! Let�s keep the exact same pricing and structure for Guitar Hero III!�

Don�t give Activision a reason to keep the price this high. BOYCOTT THESE SONG PACKS. Charging $2.08 per song is nuts; you know it, I know it, and Activision knows it too � that�s why they�re still asking this much money for them, even after the consumer backlash. I just hope that Rock Band doesn�t charge $25 per album with their DLC.

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