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Show that you care and kill a Moogle today.

Being my first post on destructoid, I wish to make a serious issue known to the general gaming population. This problem is the overglut of final fantasy games. We gamers, have previously been enthralled with the cinematic excellence that often comes from the core numbered series of final fantasy games, have allowed them to overpopulate the delicate biosphere that is gaming. Recent studies have shown that in the frequent continuing evolution of the final fantasy series, unchecked growth have lead to a series of offshoot titles, more often than not, continuations or prequels to existing standalone number series. these offshoots have flooded and overpopulated gaming and every genre even remotely connected to gaming, and while these are by no means parasitic life forms, their misplaced role in the ecosystem has probably killed off more than one game. This issue must be dealt with before the ecosystem is thrown entirely off balance kills off a major species. So take a care and help us thin the final fantasy population to more reasonable numbers. So if you see a non core final fantasy game within your vicinity, or a FF cosplayer, feel free to extinguish them from existence. you can even make the killing a game by employing creative means of unnatural selection, such as a shotgun, a machete, a giant sword for those who want to be symbolic or even just a plain old shovel will suffice. Because remember, were all working together for a better tomorrow (I.E. cloud strife free).

this article is meant for humourous as well as opinonated purposes. Any violently negative opinions concerning EA or Final Fantasy are purely intentional.
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