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Pacman On A Laptop


Pacman on a laptop

So I decided to try out Pacman on my laptop for the first time and I have some thoughts. Before we begin I just want to say that this is my first post and I hope you enjoy.

So when I first get onto the game I find the menu telling me to select a game. There are 3 options for me to choose: Pacman, Ms. Pacman, and finally cookieman! But there is also a button that says learn. Now you must be thinking "oh all the learn button is just so that you know how to move Pacman." But no the learn button teaches you the secrets of the game!  






So I clicked on the learn button, and it's cool! and I'm going to share it with you. 

Well, the principals of the game are simple you eat all the dots, power pellets, fruits, and occasionally ghosts. But do you know what pattern the ghosts are following to follow you? Well, if you don't then come along and see for yourself.

So it's actually pretty simple all you need to remember is that the red ghost follows you and only you!    










Then the pink one is only following a short distance in front of you.  










The blue one follows a dot connected to a wire and you and the red ghost are holding  














And Finally the orange one can't go in the circle around you and when it does it gets out like the picture here












So now you know the secrets of Pacman! Please come back and check out all of my other future posts! Bye  

















- MonkeyPlaya445 out!

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