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Nintendo successfully sues ROM distribution websites for $12 million


Nintendo takes another bold step toward defending its intellectual property. In a move undoubedly intended to deter further trangressions Nintendo targeted two iconic rom sites named LoveROM and LoveRETRO. Owners Jacob and Cristian Mathias bear the brunt of the force. Though it has been speculated that they publicly disclosed an exagerrated figure, courtsey of Nintendo, to distablize other emulation websites. Forecasts demonstrate that Nintendo continues to aggresively expand their operations to encompass legacy IP. The Nintendo Switch Online service, and their recently released emulation based consoles, exemplify that it is a potentially lucrative market to captilize on for Nintendo. Especially if they are capable of stomping out piracy.

From a legal perspective emulation can seem anywhere from dubious to criminal. But moral quandaries exist when it comes to the art of video game preservation. With some consumers and museums arguing that video game emulation is integral to preserving video game history. Recent efforts by larger publishers such as Nintendo can compromise and seriously fragment the existing library of ROMs online. 

With any luck we are hoping the couple comes out of this financially stable. While these platforms are important to many gamers, there are still individuals behind them. 

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