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Songs That SHOULD Be In Guitar Hero/Rock Band -- Volume IV


I love Guitar Hero, and I'm bound to love Rock Band. I just have one problem, I was brought up with a vast knowledge of music and appreciation for all types of music. Unfortunately for people like me, most rhythm games fail to include some of my favorite songs and or bands.

While I find it very cool that the game designers for both game series are trying to be all-inclusive and bring elements from modern music and music from the past together in one game, they sometimes fall flat on their face trying to meet my expectations and the expectations of people like me.

I know that I am not the only audiophile in the vast sea of Destructiod readers. There will no doubt be those of you who agree with the songs I post here, and a great deal more of you who won't agree or have never heard the songs I list. Let's get started shall we?

3rd Strike -- Redemption

Lost Angel was the only album released by the Rapcore group from Southern California. The band was believed to be disbanded in 2004, however they just reformed, working on new demo. and are slated to begin touring sometime soon. This song is probably one of the more chilled out songs on the whole album. The lead singer's voice (Jim Korthe) is eerily reminiscient of Phil Collins and Ozzy Osbourne mixed up in a blender. It'll be nice to see if the group actually comes back this way, give them a listen, would you kindly?

Kottonmouth Kings -- Full Throttle

Either you love them, or you absolutely hate them, the Kottonmouth Kings busted onto the whole So-Cal Rapcore scene back in the late nineties, and have seen great success as a group. Known mainly for their flagrant use and support of Marijuana, their fifth album, Rollin' Stoned, featured the song "Full Throttle" which starts off as a fairly mellow track but quickly builds up with an awesome set of guitar riffs that leads it into being a full blown punk guitar track, awesome stuff here man.

Staind -- Just Go

The first and best album from the Massachusetts alternative rock group, Dysfunction, came out of nowhere in 1999 with some help from Limp Bizkit's frontman Fred Durst and was an immediate success. Three of the album's nine tracks were instant hits and released as singles. Though my favorite song from the album is a little too slow for a guitar simulation game, this song "Just Go" would fit in quite well. The slow somber guitar leads into an awesome riff that gets repeated througout the song, but the lilting vocals of Aaron Lewis make this song perfect.

KMFDM -- A Drug Against War

I wish I could explain to you all how much of an influence the group KMFDM had on my teenage years. The first concert I ever attended was God Lives Underwater, Korn, and then headlined by KMFDM, this was for the album Nihil, but this song is from their previous work, Angst, and would be a perfect addition for a final, tough song in the Guitar Hero franchise. The song has a short intro, then a shredding guitar that kicks so much ass AND chews a whole pack of bubble gum throughout the whole track, unrelenting, unforgiving, and ultimately the paradigm of industrial music I grew up with.

Sunny Day Real Estate -- 47

Ahh, one of the SubPop elite from Seattle Washington's post-grunge alternative movement, Sunny Day Real Estate are responsible for bringing the emo subgenre from being an obscure underground to a wide audience phenomenon. Their first album, Diary, is about as perfect of an album you could ever hope to hear. It's got great balance between all of the instruments and the lead singer's vocals. A great pace ranging from slow ballads to high energy rock tracks. You really should do yourself a favor and check the group out if you've never heard of them, especially if you consider yourself an "Indie" rocker.

I know, I know, I probably didn't include the group/song that you think would be great, but give me some time, this is just the beginning of a series of many blog posts I'll be continuing to post about songs I'd love to see in Guitar Hero / Rock Band. Who knows, maybe next time, your favorite song will be here. Thanks for reading.
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