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Industry Hijinks, Or "Abandon Ship!"

I never liked James Cameron's Titanic; I have a pretty low threshold for melodrama, and the whole experience felt a little overworked to me (charcoal drawings of Kate Winslet notwithstanding). After this year, though, I have a new appreciation for the film. Because I've been there. I'm on the Titanic right now, and I'm still in line for a lifeboat.


First this happens, then this and this...

"Is it over yet?"

HA! For behold: the madness continues.


Granted, I can't reveal anything that isn't already common knowledge, but I really don't think I need to. Anyone who's seen the news can probably imagine my frustration. In life, when things go to shit, you have to be optimistic - at least for a while. That's what keeps you going. But eventually there comes a time when you have no choice but to drop what you're doing and take a hike. This would be an easier decision to make if NYC had a decent number of gaming-related opportunities, but it doesn't. The only viable alternative is the mobile sector, which is so far removed from gaming proper that I may as well be a cashier.


But I hate when people complain, especially when I'm the one doing it. It accomplishes very little. So here's the point: I'm too caught up in the middle of all this crap to know what it looks like from the outside. When you guys look at my employer, what do you see? Am I a coward for wanting to bail out? Or is my anxiety justified? Do I really have much of a choice here?

Thanks, guys.
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