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The (Simplified( Lifespan of the Average MMO


The (simplified) lifespan of an MMO

  1. Launch with ambitious mechanics and story. (Rich, semi-complicated crafting. Unique skill progression)
  2. Initial surge of subscribers plateaus. Rebalancing of skills (nerfing) starts.
  3. Subs start to shrink and in a panic to appeal to broader audience devs simplify crafting and skills making them just another clone of everyone else. This pisses off people who appreciate uniqueness and they quit.
  4. In a further panic MMO is moved to free to play model. If done right it extends the lifespan of the game. If done wrong (pay to win) the game degenerates into a wasteland of fan boys and dick jokes.

  5. Server combining commences so the players aren't alone in a cavernous world.

  6. Game becomes a living joke made light of by web comics and forums lurkers.

  7. Publisher/devs sell the MMO to an overseas company which repeats the last three steps invariably kicking in a pay to win microtransaction system if it didn't exist already.

  8. If the gods of the MMOverse are kind the game sunsets.

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