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Crazy kid that also happens to play videogames alert


As if we haven’t had enough news this past week about juvenile delinquents making the rest of gamerdom look all the worse thanks to their socially deviant behavior, we now have Cory Ryder to thank for another such helping. Like the previous story, this all started when his parents took away something gaming related, in this case his PlayStation along with issuing a grounding -- apparently due to poor grades he had been receiving in school. Rather than simply responding with a FALCON PUNCH, however, Cory decided to step things up a notch and attempted to hire a hitman to kill his parents. Yeah, that’s right, this sixteen year-old was planning to hire a professional killer. Thankfully his plan didn’t come to fruition.

“Mrs Troiano remembers the night on June 2 when she discovered that the vague threats her son had made were serious. A woman Cory trusted, the mother of one of his friends, took him to a hotel room where he met an undercover police officer pretending to be a hitman. After a few hours’ waiting, the policeman called: Cory was in custody and would be charged with attempted murder.”

But how could a teenager even afford a hitman you might ask. Well, Cory apparently had that part planned out.

“Police say that Cory offered the undercover officer his stepfather’s new pickup truck as payment for killing his parents. “Two bullets is all it takes,” he is alleged to have said.”

Yikes! He’s definitely “at least my kid didn’t turn out like that” material.

Now when stuff like this comes up it really makes me nervous. Not only because it presents yet another display of humanity’s ugly side, but because I’m afraid some jerk is going to try and spin this as a sign of the inevitable corruption that will be caused by anyone that so much as comes into contact with videogames. Sure, the news report shows that Cory had a long period of troubling behavior beginning in his early childhood, and was probably suffering from some pretty serious problems, but hey, he was also in possession of a gaming console so that must totally be the reason for all this, right. Right?
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