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30 Hidden Gems #08: NASCAR Rumble


Welcome to my blog series! This is 30 Years, 30 Days, 30 Hidden Gems. In honor of my 30th birthday, I'm posting about a different lesser-known video game every day in November. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to start at the beginning, check it out here.

Release Date: 2000
System: Playstation

I’m not a big fan of driving games. I’m even less of a fan of NASCAR. So when I booted up a PS1 demo disc and saw NASCAR Rumble among the games, I didn’t expect much. Happy to report that I was wrong: this game is a lot of fun.
There are no boring roundy-round loops here. The tracks are rugged jaunts through all kinds of different terrain and layouts. They remind me more of Cruisin’ USA, with a guerilla setting that leaves other racers in the dust. On top of that, you also get to pick up Mario Kart style weapons to help you take first place. The actual NASCAR stuff is just a coat of paint to give the game some marquee value. The driver selection features not only some Daytona all stars but a good selection of novelty vehicles as well.
I can’t comment much on the actual racing. As stated, I don’t really care for driving games much. I did feel a pumping sense of speed as I played it, though. NASCAR Rumble is a good balance of different kinds of cartoony while still maintaining that street racing flavor. It all combines into a game that is really fun to play from the second you leave the starting line.
Thanks for reading! My plan is to make this a series, one entry every day this month. I hope you'll stop by tomorrow for the next entry.
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