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The Destructoid Wikipedia Saga: A Recap and a Request

Okay, guys, here�s a recap. Actually, before I start, I have to give credit to the two foremost Destructoid users who have been on the case along with me, spreading the word of this travesty: wardrox and Namelessted, both of whom have put up posts regarding this situation:

[Update] [Update] Destructoid Wikipedia Article � survived 6 days before being deleted without warning
Destructoid Wikipedia Article Deletion makes wardrox into angrydrox not emodrox
The Destructoid Wikipedia Page: We Need Your Help.

Wikipedia user A Man In Black deleted the version of the article that wardrox, Namelessted, and I (among many others) had put a lot of work into. Namelessted and I have left messages on his �talk� or �discussion� page asking to see the source code for that version of the article so we can re-create the article. The user is currently on a �wikibreak�, meaning that he will be away from his usual work on the site for an undetermined amount of time, so we�ll have to wait for him to return and respond to us.

In the meantime, wardrox re-created the Destructoid article today, for the seventh time overall. It was summarily deleted by Wikipedia user King of Hearts, and I am in the process of leaving a notice on his talk page as well. For now, I am requesting that everyone PLEASE HOLD OFF ON IMMEDIATELY RE-CREATING THE DESTRUCTOID WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE, as Wikipedia administrators will simply delete it again and again, and without any questions or debate � one of Wikipedia�s criteria for speedy deletion of an article is if the article in question is one that consists of material that has already been deleted from Wikipedia.

As I said, I�m in the process of notifying the two most recent deleters that I would like to start a deletion review so we can state our cause and try to get back the article. Until they respond to me, there�s nothing we can do, because as I just said, Wikipedia admins will simply keep deleting the article every time it pops up until there�s an official deletion review and a consensus of Wikipedians determine that the article should be kept. I should say this: I�ve been editing Wikipedia since before Destructoid was born (right before, in fact; my first Wikipedia edit was on March 1, 2006)...so I have a decent feel for its inner workings. These people can be very passionate and defensive of what they do there, and it�s best not to draw their ire by continuously violating Wikipedia policy, which they will see as vandalism. So don�t bother re-creating the article again and again; you�re wasting your time on Wikipedia, when it could be better spent here at Destructoid.

In closing, I would like to mention that I sincerely appreciate all of the passion and zeal that you guys have for this � we�ve said time and again that what makes Destructoid so special is its community, and that has been made clear by this entire Wikipedia situation. It speaks volumes that you all have kept contributing to the article, even if you don�t exactly know what you�re doing. That�s fine; any and all efforts to improve the article are much appreciated. I know it may sound like I�m giving up by asking everybody not to continuously re-create a Destructoid article, but that�s not true at all. I�m going to reiterate what I�ve posted on the blog entries that wardrox and Namelessted have put up regarding this topic: I WON�T STOP UNTIL A DESTRUCTOID ARTICLE IS ON WIKIPEDIA, AND IT�S THERE TO STAY. So for now, please heed my call to let Wikipedia be. I�ll post any updates on the situation (like when I hear from the deleters) in this space. As always, you can reach me with any specific questions at samit.sarkar <at> gmail <dot> com, and on Wikipedia at my Wikipedia user page and user talk page. Your solidarity is of the utmost importance, my friends! Don�t give up hope!
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