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C-Blogs of 10/14 to 10/21 + Star Foxisms




I’m doing something a little different for this C-Blog recap. It’s October 2nd 9th as I’m writing this, two weeks one week before the release of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Or as I’ve taken to calling it, Star Fox Zero But Actually Good. Star Fox Re:Zero? Star Fox Zero Plus One? I’m still working on a good title.

Star Fox Zero-Five-Eight Days Over Two comes out on the 16th, which is the same week I’m doing recaps. And let’s be honest, I’m not gonna spend my free time writing jack by then. I’ll leave that up to future me. With that in mind, I decided to write out the intro section well in advance before I actually get to the recaps. It’ll be a time capsule of my thoughts regarding the new Star Fox before and after its release! Which it totally is. It’s definitely a Star Fox game. Definitely.

On that note, Star Fox Rides Again is shaping up to be one of the most interesting space shooters I’ve played in a while. The aerial/in space combat looks pretty solid, reminding me of stuff like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II on the Gamecube. Being able to seemlessly go from dinking around on a planet to rocketing off into space is really neat. Plus, the idea of customizing your ship with whatever parts you want is something I've wanted in a Star Fox-type game is something I've wanted for a long, long time.

The ground sections look a bit duller by comparison, as has been the case with every Star Fox game. Much as Nintendo has tried, Star Fox and ground-based gameplay just don’t work at all. At least this game shows how even that gameplay type can work in the context of what is largely a space flight game. And to its credit, the ground combat looks much better than what Star Fox Zero fucking had. Hopefully the traditional Ubisoft open-world busywork is toned down a bit here.

Also, this game looks set to have my favorite portrayal of Wolf O’Donnell to date. A scenery-chewing stud that sounds like he orgasms with nearly every sentence.

Part of me hopes that some of the devs for Star Fox on the Run join Nintendo to make new Star Fox games after this. As I mentioned back in my retrospective for Zero Escape From Bad Controls and Five Nights at Grippy’s, the soul of a good game was buried deep underneath a mountain of bad design choices. There are a lot of ideas here I think that, if implemented in a proper Star Fox game, would seriously revitalize the series. And they wouldn’t even have to take the series in a completely different direction via a spin-off game, even if I’d be totally okay with that.

Of course, even if the game turns out to be a big suckfest, at least I’ll have a neat Arwing toy and Fox McCloud figure to add to my collection of Star Fox moich.

Anyways, here’s what you guys wrote this week.


* - Our resident petri dish Plaguemania1346 has a Band of Bloggers entry on Resident Evil 4. Specifically, about how it relates to his disgust of parasitic creatures.

* - We have a time-honored tradition here at Destructoid. Waifuween is upon us. Rudorlf put together a special feature presentation featuring the various DTOID community members.


S - dephoenix is back with another chapter of his Halloween CYOA (stands for Choose Your Own Adventure). Go give it a read and choose how the story continues.

M - Aurachad gives a review of Dead Island, just in time for the month of spoops.

A - Meanwhile, CoruptAI125 has a good think about his time with The Evil Within and its DLC. Safe to say the game has aged like fine cheese curds.




E - NeoTurbo is putting together a streaming event for Extra Life this year. If you’re interested in helping him out, let him know by commenting on his blog!

S - As a quick reminder, Destructoid does contests where you can win various cool prizes. manasteel88 wrote an article of sincere thanks after winning a Nintendo Switch recently!

C - PSToid’s Nanashi talks about Anime NYC. It sounds like a neat anime con to go to, if you’re into those. If you’re in the NYC area from November 16th through the 18th, come check it out! Maybe you’ll meet some fellow DTOIDers there!

I - Andolini just made his first C-Blog! He gives us an introduction to himself and to what kind of content we can expect from him. Go make him feel welcome!


T - …which he wastes no time getting into! For his second C-Blog, Andolini gives us his impressions of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

R - Lord Spencer has another one of his Saturn REVIEWS for us. This week, he takes a look at Enemy Zero.

R - Lord Spencer also has another set of Saturn Reviews for his top 100 Saturn games. This week’s installment goes from Soviet Strike at number 80 to Gungriffon at number 71.

R - Kerrik52 is back with another Travellers in Playtime. This week, he reviews the twisted take on Alice in Wonderland from 2000, American McGee’s Alice.

R - Adzuken did a Halloweeny retrospective about Capcom’s Ghosts n’ Goblins spin-off series, Gargoyle’s Quest.

R - Boxed Swine gives his thoughts on Colina: Legacy, a puzzle/spook-em-up (yes, that’s what I’m calling horror stuff now). Fun fact, this is a game they won through a Destructoid contest!

D - Osc has another update on his game development project.


F - Boxoftreatsman214 has a new Doctor Who review up this week. This time he talks about the latest episode, “The Ghost Monument”. It’s a good opportunity to talk about the show with fellow Doctor Who fans!

F - Andolini’s third blog this week is about how he got into Doctor Who. There seems to be a LOT of Doctor Who discussion going on this week.

F - Meanwhile, professional goblin Dwavenhobble gives us a list of lesser-known horror movie recommendations for Halloween. If you’re in the mood for some weird, unknown spook-em-ups, give this a read.

M - Agent9 continues his daily blog of tracks from horror games this week. Part 14 is Death Road to Canada.

M - Part 15 is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

M - Part 16 is NightRipper.

M - Part 17 is Super Mario Odyssey.

M - Part 18 is Little Nightmares.

M - Part 19 is Splatoon 2.

M - And part 20 is Alan Wake.


L - Spazzzh20 gives a pretty spicy take on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I know I’ve laid down some hot takes before, but dang!

C - DIVISIVE Shinobi is taking commissions for designing websites. His acceptance of Steam gift cards as the only form of payment is a little…unusual, but at least he provided an example of his work in the comments.

L - Did you know that people sex? Andolini knows. He wrote a blog about how characters should sex each other properly.


F - Here’s another example of something that’s more like a Q-Post than a C-Blog. If you feel the urge to post something like this, please do so in the Q-Post section of our site.

Future Zalno here. Star Fox: Battle For a Good Game was okay, I suppose. The Star Fox missions were pretty neat, but everything else was just a tad too grindy and bland for my tastes. Dunno what Past Zalno was smoking to get his hopes up like that. Either way, I sold it on eBay after finishing the Star Fox content in two days, which I then used to buy South Park: The Fractured But Whole for less. So now I'll have a dope Arwing toy, a neat Fox McCloud figure AND a good game!

And it’s a good thing I finished so quickly, ‘cos you guys gave me a ton of blogs to recap! It’s a bit of an undertaking to do these each week, so any volunteer help would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to help us with these recaps, please shoot us a message in the comments! We greatly appreciate all the help we can get.

The next recap will cover 10/21 to 10/27, so keep writing and reading those blogs!

And remember; try not to look behind you. He really doesn’t like that.

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