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From the Makers of Bomberman Live...


Fresh from the supple, delicate lips of my dear, dear Surfer Girl, comes this piece of old news that is new news to me. (And I've scoured Dtoid from top to delicious bottom and I've found no mention of this beautiful game.) Surfer Girl rightfully describes the following video as the greatest game trailer ever. Indeed, it puts "Mad World" and the "Believe" campaign to shame. Why this game - nay, work of art - has not recieved more awards and praise, I do not know. But enough talk. Take a gander:

Hudson's been holding out on us. We thought Bomberman was fun? Psh. It's got nothing on the sheer orgasmic joy of keeping a soccer ball in the air as motherfucking Bob Marley! And it's set on a tropical island! "But Bomberman has Mr. Destructoid in it, so it must be better," you say? Wrong. Wait until you see the BMB DLC, including the Mr. Destructoid t-shirt and the Hunter S. Thompson hacky sack. And how about that lush soundtrack? Fuck you, Koji Kondo. Gird your loins, guys. This shit is real. If you haven't already put this on your mobile device of choice, you're no fan of Hudson and you don't deserve to smoke marijuana, you classless bastard.

So, I guess this is why Linde won Marley shwag...

DISCLAIMER: I like Hudson. I'm just required to make fun of crappy games, especially cell phone games.
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