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Warring on the fields of Hyrule


There are two things I need to lay out, before my opinion regarding Hyrule Warriors (Definitive Edition for the Switch). The first is, that I'm a huge fan of the Warriors games. Been with the series since Dynasty Warriors 4 and for the most part, had insane amount of fun with it. And two, I never played a Legend of Zelda game in my life, thus all I knew about the lore is that Zelda is the girl and the one that actually does the heavy lifting is called Link. This is in big part due to the fact that the only Nintendo console I used to own is a Wii which was not used in the past... years. So it is safe to say that the added Warriors tag was what had the biggest impact on me, when I was contemplating what to buy for my new Switch. 

Did I regret that decision? Well, not really, but kinda maybe, if wording it like this makes any sense. 

The game looks great, works like a charm, the style is good, the animations are awesome and fluid and even the music is pretty nice. From a technical standpoint I can't possibly have any kind of problems with it, as to be expected. Even as a Warriors game it functions quite well. Truth be told, content wise, it might be the biggest in the series. The number of playable characters is more then enough, the story mode has a lot of levels and even some interesting side mission like branches and next to all this there is the series staple free mode and something called the Adventure Mode. 

Now this last one is something to write home about! The game gives you all the maps from previous Legend of Zelda titles and lets you wonder about them, passing from tile to tile, collecting items, doing challanges and whatnot. Plenty of content that you can tackle as end game material, or use to enhance your favorite characters for the story missions. The only problem with it, as far as I'm concerned, is that I'll need a few months before I attempt to clear it. There is such a thing as too much. 

As I stated before, I'm very familiar with the Warriors games. Yes, they are rather repetitive button mashers and if you played one, pretty much played all of them and the enjoyment really comes from the silly, over the top, B-movie like scenarios and characters. You can zone out, put your brain on standby and marvel at defeating entire armies, with a girl who wields a parasole and stuff like that. It is an acquired taste, no doubt. But to be honest, around the middle of the story, I was bored out of my mind. 

First of all, it might be a Legend of Zelda thing, but not having your characters speak, not even in the few and far between cut scenes, is not a good fit for a Warriors game. In my opinion (please add that to everything I write). Seeing them move around, strike poses and going like a single "Ah" with text messages is not my cup of tea, in these kind of games at least. 

Second, a Zelda thing again, I fund it bad to look at the pre battle info and see that I'll be fighting a single named character and 12 Lizalfos. All of them look the same, have the same weapons and attack patterns. I know that the "captains" in other Warriors games are basically copy and past fodder like in here, but giving them real sounding names and a bit of variation in clothing and weapons goes a long way for me to help enjoy the fighting. It is simply a desing choice and only makes a difference in my mind, but still, there it is. 

By the end of the story mode I was saving the world of Hyrule for like the fourth time in a row and fighting "dark" and "phantom" variants of the same enemies that just popped out of nowhere. And if we are at popping out of thin air, there is the problem of enemy armies appearing on the map as if they were fungus. One moment the map is clear, the next, some scripted event happens and you have a hundred more peons to cut down. In one particularly bad occasion I had to fight an entire army to lure out the boss. Then again. And again. And again. Then again, but with the boss. Fun! Hyrule Warriors has the most enemies KOd per map in the long running series, at least in my experience. 

The introduction of giant bosses was a great idea, they look menacing and require all of your team to gather in one point to defeat them, but again, repetion strikes. I don't even want to quess how many times I had to eliminate King Dodongo or Manhandla. And on the point of your team: bad idea doing it like this. I mean, it's okay, I'm used to having AI allies that are barely competent, but the amount of handholding here is insane. You have to protect your base, usually a leader character and every single character you can control. Any one of them bites the dust, it's game over. Instead of switching out, all your toons are runnig, or more like standing around on their own. You could command them to do something, take a base, or attack a captain, but you are better of telling them to stay at the base, hoping at least there, they wont be a bother while you grab the most potent hero you can control and mow down the opposition. 

So in the end, we come to the big question: Do I like this game? Should you play it? Well, I can't argue that you get what you pay for and even more. It is a good game. In small doses. If you are a fan of either Zelda or Warriors, then go for it. You find the repetition in JRPGs the best thing that you can spend your time with? Go for it, right now! Otherwise, maybe give it a pass. I'll probably come back to it in a few months time and try my hand in the Adventure Mode. But only after Breath of the Wild! 

- My blog? No! Why would I want you to read it? Baka! Say Horus again! Say Horus again! I dare ya! I double dare you, heretic! Say Horus one more time!

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