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Commission: Website Creation ***Repost***


Hello everyone,
I have been a lurker for nearly 2 years of membership here; I wanted to see what this place was like. So far, I see a lot of wonderful ideas in production so I would love to help.
I am creating my commission system and I have feeling you may like it! I will create websites for anyone who requests it. 
Now don't be fooled, it is not free... however it is not expensive. I also am not accepting cash... yet I have a different/more convenient way of paying: Steam gift cards!!! For those who want a website made for their art or game (etc), you can py me by sending a valid steam giftcard to my email [email protected] Below, I have what I do and how much it costs:
NOTE: I just make the site, you will need to pay for the domain name.
* Website for your game - $50 steam gift card
* Website for your art showcase - $20 steam gift card
* Website for your story/fan fiction - $10 stem gift card
* Redirect website (website that shows your different accounts for advertising) - $30 steam gift card
Also, I do not create websites for NSFW art or anything related to it. Fan service is ok however.
So would you guys me to make a site for you, just reply telling what you need done. Also, I am a man of my word, you pay after I make and you review the website made. I use probably the best website creator in the world, Wix; so you'll get some pretty flashy website results.

Just in case people don't trust me (and I understand if you don't) I have a website of my own; I made a qpost sometime back showing a link to it but here is a screenshot:

This is 100% optional and just doing this as a pasttime, but if anyone needs me to make a website for them, I am available! Thank you.

PS - I posted this on Deviantart first and got no luck, that's why i'm here.

My website: schoolwork186.wix.com/retroplayer

- Be careful what you post! "Just because you get a second chance, don't be expecting a third."

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