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It begins!


I was thinking about some original form of saying "hello", and came up with a lot of stuff that was just a hint more than simple copy and paste, so in the end I decided to stay with "hello". Without further ado:

Hello, you people of the Internets!

Welcome to my blog! This is the very first post, where I'll intend to shed some light on why this thing is being written and on the age old question of who am I and what is my purpose on Earth. Okay, probably not the last one, because I swore to my alien overlords not to tell that to anyone. Let us start with some basic introductions. 

You all may refer to me as Andolini and anyone who can quess where the name comes from, wins my unending respect (or at least for a few moments, depends on my mood at the time). It was chosen only because I liked the sound of it and believed that it looks nice under anything thats written on the net. I'm a hungarian, and living there as well, so I have nothing to do with Italy, where the name originates form. Here should be noted, that english is not my first language and my grammar is bad even in my own mother tounge, so expect to have a few bumps here and there. Moving on! 

Recently I started working as a sort of guard/receptionist for a transporting company, doing the night shifts only. There is almost nothing to do for most of the night and so I can catch up on my geek needs, watching a ton of anime, a few movies/series, reading books and justifying my recent purchase of a Nintendo Switch (wanted a gaming laptop, but figured I might need both my kidneys where they are at). You might have quessed already, but this blog will be about those adventures. In the name of spending time in a creative way, I'll share my opinons here on whatever I saw, or played, or ate, smelled and whatnot. Hmm... bacon! 

What can you expect? Well, hard to say. Anime reviews or more like recomendations, thats for sure. I'll certainly watch all the Disney-Marvel-Netflix series too and don't hold back on them (when Iron Fist was cancelled, that day, nothing of import was lost). Currently watching Altered Carbon and want to say a few words about the new Doctor too. Gaming wise I'm about to write a piece on Hyrule Warriors, just started playing Breath of the Wild and back home I'm killing genestealers in the latest Space Hulk that entered the Imperium of Man. Basically, whenever, whatever comes to my mind. 

In broader terms I'm a huge fan of Warhammer 40k, the lore mostly, owning a big chunk of the Black Library and trying to get my hands on any game in that universe. I love almost all the genres in gaming and I do not take sides in the console wars, mostly because I'd love to own every available console on the market. Except the Xbox. Joking-joking, you don't have to look up where Hungary is, just so you could came here to punch me. And that's about it, for now. Can't really think of anything else and besides, if I do, I'll write about it in another post. 

- My blog? No! Why would I want you to read it? Baka! Say Horus again! Say Horus again! I dare ya! I double dare you, heretic! Say Horus one more time!

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