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Quick (and late!) review of Phoenix Wright Trials and Tribulations


�� �Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (PWAATT � Damn that is long) is the third DS title that acts as a pointing and yelling simulator. I'm going to try and keep this short and vague as to avoid any spoilers.

�� �'Trials and Tribulations' is very dependent on having gone through the previous two games. I'm lenient with books and television but I feel video games should suffice as fun game mechanics first and an enjoyable story telling method second. The Ace Attorney games are generally very linear but the character interactions more than make up for it. New players may not be able empathize with cast as well as old fans and may receive a very mediocre experience.
�� �
�� �The DS' capabilities aren't really utilized well, though this shouldn't be surprising as the DS games are GBA remakes. The first game's bonus case is still the best use of the touch screen in the series so far and will be the bar I hold the Apollo Justice game up to. Then again, it might turn into a 'Doki Doki Majo Shinpan' (touch the boobies!) game where you're just fighting off sexual harassment suits.
�� �
�� �The newest entry is much better about the jumps of logic required to find the contradictions in statements. They are still prevalent but times of pure frustration seem to only occur in a few rare occasions. In fact, there were a few moments where the clues fell into perfect place - I had quite loudly responded with a 'OH SON OF A BITCH!' and proceed to annihilate the next few portions of testimony.

�� �New characters are memorable and old characters are still awesome. The over-arching story is done quite well and may be the best in the series. I wish I could go further into details but I don't want to ruin even a moment for those who are looking to pick up the game. If the series was only a trilogy, it would still easily sit as one of my favorites. Luckily there are more in a pipeline, leaving my only major complaint that it's taking too long for them to come out. �
�� �

�� �I give this a 9/10 (FUCKING RAD) as it's yet another great entry in the series and a fine addition to any Adventure gamer's library. The game is not a good entry point for players who want to see what the Phoenix Wright games are all about. If you haven't, get the original now (and the second game as well)!

Random note about another Capcom Adventure game- The rhythm mini-game in Zack and Wiki is total fucking bullshit. Seriously.
[Addendum � COD4 drops today doesn't it? Cannot wait. Going to be so awesome.]
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