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A new Switch you say? What would you want in it?


I just saw this over at NintendoLife and thought it was a great question to put out there. If a new Switch is incoming for 2019, what would you want in it? Over at Gizmodo there were statements made about how the Switch screen sucks. Personally, I don't have a problem with the screen so that's not an issue for me but here's what I'd like to see...

D-pad on the left Joy-Con. The camera buttons are a constant problem when trying to play 2D games, indies or fighting games. I understand Nintendo's logic in creating camera buttons on the left Joy-Con but in reality, it's stupid. For Nintendo to put so much emphasis on re-releasing old NES games, you'd think they would see the error of not having a traditional D-Pad. 

Better Battery. Because there can never be enough battery life.

More internal storage. Nintendo made this mistake with the WiiU. 32GBs of storage is simply not enough. I haven't used any of my internal storage opting to buy a 200GB mSD card as soon as I purchased the Switch and recently upgrading to a 400GB mSD. But I could have at least held off on the purchases if more internal storage was available.

More RAM. 4GBs has worked well for a lot of games on Switch. But a bit more RAM could do wonders. Maybe 6 instead of 4 to help with texture quality and draw distance in some titles. This is a far fetched wish but I think it could help without doing a full spec upgrade which some people want but is unrealisitic IMO due to the increased power draw and thermal management. 

I know I complain about Switch due to voice chat, no Virtual Console, no system supported friend's list but I really do love what Nintendo has done overall. I've had my Switch for a year now and still amazed at the quality it's capable of (just bought Dragon Ball Fighter Z and it's OMG good, like, "why do I need a PS4 or a PC to play this when the Switch version is this good?) I just wish Nintendo would stop trying so hard to be different at times to the point of being detrimental and support standard industry features that wouldn't hurt their hardware/software plans. 

- Bayonetta? She's in hell. Satan's favorite whore. Bwhahahahahaha

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