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The Abomination of the Nintendo Universe

As much as I love the Nintendo universe and characters, there’s one character who regardless of the genre or story always manages to annoy the hell out of me. Granted it wouldn’t be so bad if Nintendo didn’t insist whoring the character love fest with Mario Party after Mario Party, but sometimes the repeated exposure to the very object of your hatred ruins the entire experience. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have a problem with the character love, hell I’m probably one of the biggest Smash fans around and I would be more than glad have a go at Mario Kart upon request, but when Nintendo makes the festering boil on their otherwise immaculate ass a reoccurring character, you can’t help but wonder what the hell they’re thinking. This plague upon the gaming universe? Well, that would be none other than Bowser Jr.

Clicking through a Galaxy picture gallery, I saw him staring me in the face… piloting an airship no less. Nintendo! I shake my fist furiously at thee!

While my disdain for this monster knows no bounds, I already have an inkling that something like this might happen:

When you think about it, the chances of it happening aren’t that farfetched. Donkey Kong got his light weight counterpart in the form of Diddy and Kirby got the heavyweight Deedeedee as his nemesis in Brawl. I won’t be at all surprised when we get our light version of Bowser. The writing is on the wall, much to my chagrin.

So it looks like the Koopalings won’t have their much deserved revival any time soon. That won’t keep me from wishing for it. I just hope that one day Bowser’s baby making counterpart comes back into the picture to collect on unpaid child support payments and it comes down to Mario to save the world (and Bowser) from a greater evil. You heard it here first.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Petey Piranha and Waluigi…
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