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Weekends are boring: IGN's picks for Capcom/Brawl crossover.


So, the interents are a little dry right now. Why don't we bitch about IGN?

Here is a link to their recent write up on Capcom characters they think might end up in Super Smash Bros Brawl. It's pretty well written, but more importantly they hint that they know for sure that there will be more 3rd party characters than Snake and Sonic. So that's the good news.

The bad news is their picks are mostly retarded.

Dante? What are the smoking? Joe Dante has a better chance of being in Brawl. You have to have been in at least one game on a Nintendo console to be in Brawl, right?

And don't forget I'm doing my own personal contest on the matter. Costs nothing to enter, prizes are at least worth $10 each, and your chances of winning are at least sort of good.

Here's a link to that.

Oh, and did I mention that an 8-Bit Mega Man is in the new DS game Mega Man ZX:Advent? That's totally rad, no?

And don't forget, alien porns.

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