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Long Overdue Picture Post: Disney! VGL! E4?

I totally forgot that I never made a picture post from our E4 trip.
As the Dtoid photographer I guess from now on I'll promise that I'll make a long picture post from every event I go to from now on! Yay for pictures!

So anyway, hmm.. how long ago was E4? A year ago? Meh, late is better than never. But the thing about this trip was that E4 was the most uncool part about the E4 weekend! Yay for Disneyland!

There are lots of pictures from that weekend that I'm sure lots of you have already seen, like the popular booth babe pics, and the Disneyland pyramid, so I'll try to stick to ones that you haven't seen... I think...

On with the pictures...

Here's Mr. Destructoid getting it down with the Screw Attack dudes!


And the Female Destructoid?

Anyway, E4 was overall not that exciting. Moving on to VGL! (Video Games Live)

On our way to VGL! JEANS!

VGL was pretty damn awesome, I am such a band nerd...

RAVE PARTY! (Fem Gay Rave?)

Chillin' with Dan and Chad..POSTAL NIG!

We <3 Disney!

Straight up G...

Where dreams come true...

Mario Kart Arcade GP!

Gotta end the day in a jumping shot

Hm.. now that I think about it, this was a kind of boring post. More to come later...maybe
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