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Closers Purification Update Rant (9/16/2018)


Sigh, who actually thought this was a good idea? This is an example of how not to design end game content. Luck based progression is not what you want to do when you need said gear to unlock content.

First and foremost, the biggest problem is that you need to be a Special Agent/Operative to be able to play the content. The problem is that as of today, two characters (Violet and Wolfgang) still do not have their Special Agent/Operative classes implemented into the game. Normally, these classes are unlocked about a week after the character is introduced, but due to En Masse releasing out of content, Violet is at least another week away while Wolfgang is almost four weeks away.

The second problem is that gear progression is entirely luck based. This is absolutely stupid because you first have to get the said items from a boss. This is only the first step. On my main character, I've killed the said boss more than ten times and yet have not gotten a single item I could actually use on my character. Then, you have to collect special materials from the bosses for a chance to upgrade your gear. The rates are incredibly low and you need to upgrade the items at least twice to make them even worth replacing the previous tier of gear. The big gap between the first two bosses and the third bosses makes the third boss literally unplayable (you actually do not have the item levels necessary to unlock the boss) until you upgrade most of your items to at least the third tier unless you somehow get stupid lucky with your item enhancements. As of writing this review, I have succeeded on 2 out of 8 upgrades.

Lastly, the bosses scale incredibly poorly. Unlike the previous bosses, each additional player actually makes the boss harder to kill. On average, each additional player adds about thirty seconds to the clear time unless one person is insanely well geared while everyone else is very poorly geared. Normally, you want people to group to make it easier to clear content, but this is the exact opposite. The fact that some instant death mechanics are placed on each additional player makes it so that each additional player makes it that much more likely for each person to suffer from instant death. 

Final Score: 3/10

The current endgame is the worst so far because of how luck based it is. In the past, the special "lump" items from bosses were farmed at a constant rate, meaning you could eventually unlock the endgame items. But now, collecting the items is no longer a guarantee that you will get those items. Instead, you have insanely low upgrade rates you normally expect from games where you are trying to get to the maximum refinement upgrades. On top of that, your attempts are gated by daily entries meaning that it could potentially be WEEKS before you make any progress. It would be better to flat out multiply the items needed for the upgrade by a factor of ten but guarantee its upgrade.

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