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Announcement: Daemonical free this weekend



Steam Store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/779100/Daemonical/

The newest multiplayer, survival-horror game Daemonical is free this weekend, so go and give it a try! Alongside, there is a 25% discount, the game currently being 9,74€. That’s not all! The developers worked really hard this past weeks and released tons of content. Now, the demon gains skill points over time or when killing a survivor. These points can be used to upgrade skills within the game. I won’t spoil the fun. I’ll only mention that you can climb trees later on. Also, there was a graphical overhaul recently, performance improvements and the there was implemented a leveling system.

If you are ran out of money, don’t forget to check out their Discord server for a chance to win a free key. In case you got the game already I recommend you to join the server for a better chance to find players.


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