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Things I want from Insomniac's Inevitable Spider-Man 2 [SPOILERS]





If I haven't made it totally clear just yet, this post will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for Insomniac's Spider-Man on PS4. You have been warned. Let's begin.


Spider-Man on the PS4 has done more than well for itself, and while it ties up a lot of the stories plots, there are also many open opportunities and implications. It has not yet been confirmed that there will be a sequel to this game, but... we all know that there will be a sequel to this game. 

After dealing with this game's 'Sinister Six', and having all of them locked back up in RAFT, we get a lovely glimpse of Octavius with a typical "I want revenge" smile. However, I doubt he will play a part in the sequel, or at least not a major part. Amidst the end of the game and multiple post-credits scenes, we receive hints of two potential villains to appear in an upcoming entry to the series: The Green Goblin, and Venom.

The Green Goblin is, of course, looking to be Norman Osborn; he seems to be losing himself while tirelessly seeking a way to cure his son, Harry Osborn, of the very genetic disease that caused the passing of his wife. As a result of this new version of Osborn, and the personal story we have experienced with him thus far, it will be extremely interesting to see how he deviates into the Green Goblin in this universe.

What is intriguing, however, is that Venom does not appear to be Eddie Brock. Instead, we are treated to a brief scene of Harry Osborn's 'Medical Treatment'. This treatment appears to involve a large green-liquid container for Harry, and a strange black symbiote surrounding him; AKA Venom.

So, we can pretty much expect that we are going to see Venom in an upcoming sequel, as well as the potential origins of the Green Goblin in this universe. Both of these villains together will be amazing to see, and better yet... they are father and son. I imagine this relationship will allow for some unique and creative stories to take place with these characters, as well as potential rivalries with more than just "I want to be the better villain". Perhaps we will see Norman begin to regret the things he has done to Harry, after initially thinking he could not only heal him, but make him better. Very intriguing indeed.

Another big part of the series' future is Miles Morales. After also being bitten by a radioactive spider from Osborn's secret lab, Miles started to gain 'familiar' powers in one of the final scenes of the game. In this, we can expect Miles to play a major part of the future Spider-Man games, maybe as a supporting (or even playable) web-slinger. 

One thing I am expecting, but really don't want to see, is the eventual death of Peter Parker. Please no.

Don't worry, I'm not against it in a negative way. The reason I don't want to see this is because Insomniac have created my favourite ever rendition of Peter Parker, and I have become attached to him in something of a nostalgic way. However, I have confidence in Insomniac to carry out the whole storyline brilliantly one way or another.

Maybe Peter will die and Miles will take over. Maybe Peter will retire, and pass on the legacy to Miles. Maybe (and this would be a twist) Miles will die, causing Peter to blame himself, spiraling into unforeseen repercussions. Hmm.

Now I don't want to delve too deep into speculation about the sequel(s) just yet, but I would love to hear what you think we could see in this new and developing universe. I'm usually not even the type to speculate story-wise, but boy do I love Spider-Man. I really think Insomniac have it in them to 'own' Spider-Man in game-form, and really make his story the best that we have ever seen it.

What do you think about the game's end, and where it could take us? I would love to hear all sorts of opinions and theories!

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