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A Game of Love and Pain: Overwatch


Overwatch is a game of love and pain for me. I love that the game focuses on team play, that it has a colorful cast of characters, how different each character is, and that the game is fast paced like Quake. Then again, most of those things are what drive me nuts about the game.

I’m not the best player on the block or anywhere near it, so my bad experiences as of late can be attributed to me as much as anything else. I spend a lot of time bouncing between game modes, but I mostly stick to Quick Play so that I can get the training I need for when I hit 25 and can do competitive matches (something I’m not sure I even want to do anymore). I know I’m not always going to get to be the character I want and that I need to choose the right person for the team, but good lord does it seem like I am the only one who is conscious of that. No one ever wants to be the tank, everyone picks the characters who can sit the furthest away from the action, people (seemingly) only want to heal their friends because I can’t think of any reason why a Mercy would need to follow a Zen over their tank, and so much more. I know Quick Play is seen as a training ground of randomness that exists for people to try things out, but how can you prep for the big leagues when so many, so often, ignore the basic concepts of the game?


Speaking of basic concepts, there are just certain characters that I can’t believe are the way they are. Take Symmetra for instance. I don’t understand how Blizzard can allow a character to throw out such powerful turrets willy-nilly to the point that she can literally just drop them on the ground, let them do work, and die without a care in the world like a suicide bomber. I also feel that Symmetra being able to just throw her turrets anywhere goes against the fast paced and team based ideas the game is built around. The game hinges on teamwork and its ridiculous for Blizzard to expect someone to be able to break away from their team to go and look for the little assholes of doom (her turrets). That, in turn, goes against the face paced nature of the game because you’re having to play Find Waldo and work at a different pace than everything else, who can melt you in seconds.

Here is the funny thing, though: if people just played in a less selfish way Symmetra’s crap wouldn’t be an issue. Eight times out of ten if you try to suggest something to your team you get told to go to hell in the most colorful of ways. But nothing irritates me more than when a Hanzo or a Widow Maker pops off on their team for a loss when they removed themselves so far away from their team and the action, that they couldn’t help take down turrets or pop that Junkrat and his Rip Tire.


I can squeeze a few more paragraphs out if I wanted to, but I realize I’m just being salty.  Again, my skills can also be attributed to my losses and I probably should learn to play in a way that would see me not having to rely on my team so much. I think a lite version of the competitive mode, a prerequisite to being able to play in the big leagues, would be awesome, because it would give those that want to play the game correctly a place to go. It wouldn’t completely solve any problems, but I think it would cut down on a lot of them and any irritating players would be seen as a few bad apples.

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