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An Analyst is You: Super Mario Galaxy first day sales.

Well, the numbers are in, and though it's nothing near Halo 3's millions in first day sales in the USA, Super Mario Galaxy was a definitive ass kicker in it's dash out the Japanese gate. With something around 130,000 units sold on the first day according to GoNintendo, I think that it's a safe bet the game will be a long term success.

However, the Wii's Japanese sales have been in a slump for a while now, pulling in just over 27,000 units last week. That's still 9,000 more than it's nearest competitor the PS3, but nothing compared to weekly sales numbers we were seeing earlier this year.

What does this mean? Are home consoles generally going the way of the dodo in Japan. The DS and the PSP sales continue to murder their newer, shiner home bound brothers'. Even when the Wii was first launched, it never beat the DS in sales.

Will games like Galaxy and Brawl cause a Wii sales to surge again, or is the party already over for Nintendo? The Wii's audience is like none the gaming world has ever seen, mixed with 30 year gaming veterans, old ladies who just want to bowl, and DS converts who never played games before the touch screen was introduced. Japanese developers are claiming that this crowd will tire of the Wii quickly, and yet it still beats the PS3 on a weekly basis.

What the hell is going on in Japan?

An analyst is you. Tell me the future.
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