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New PlayStation Exclusive Announced By Surprise Will Kill Red Dead And Spiderman


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Today "Judge Eyes" from Ryu ga gotoku studios was announced and it looks like it will beat red dead and spiderman in Japan then in the west with the localization it seems to be playstations big 2019 exclusive. Prior to this, i was on several Japanese gaming sites that all said this is a combination of both Yakuza and Shenmue. 

the main character seems to be dressed similarly to Ryo from Shenmue with his fighting style but also be in the world of Yakuza and have similar mini-games and story that only yakuza could create. It also appears you will be skateboarding and using drones and can change your outfit. Details for this game is still extremly small but it releases in 3 months! My pre-order will be set as soon as its availible! Enjoy the trailer!


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