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The future of Destructoid?


No Sopa Box this week (or for a little while) I hope you don't mind but I feel like this is something I want to say and I think should very much be said.

So a couple of weeks ago now fairly long time Dtoid community member Roager put out a C-blog about how he  found a certain joke to be not great.

Now I'm entirely in support of the sentiment expressed there in terms of stopping said joke.
I'm sure I've made said joke in the past though as it's me more in the form of "hey [Name of mod redacted] time to say your catchphrase." Rather than me actually saying it, because to me it wasn't offensive so much as so stale it was like a catchphrase at that point, it had started to stretch to the point it felt unoriginal and the person making it could do better.

The thing that will be pointed out against me (if people manage to find the Cblog, because I bloody couldn't) is that in the past when a previous such controversy happened I defended people's right to make said jokes. So before I get accused of hypocrisy I'd like to say I support everyone's right to make whatever jokes they like (assuming it's not clear malice and going "It was a joke" after to try and defend it). However I also very much do stand for equal treatment of people which does mean if we are going to say certain jokes people find offensive aren't allowed here then jokes others find offensive aren't allowed here either.

I'm writing this because well reading some of the response in the comments of Roager's that Cblog it's somewhat concerning. There hasn't really been an official response as such outside of whatever was written in the comments and so here I am bringing the subject up again and lending my voice to this call to stop said joke / or jokes of that nature.

The reason I'm doing this is because I really do worry about the future of Destructoid. We've gone from having so many community blogs that there was an actual need to have 1 recap per 1-2 days to having enough that it only makes sense for about 1 per week. I can say with some level of certainty we've lost community members due to politics here. For me Dtoid is a nice space and the decision a while ago to focus more specifically on just the games is one I very much applaud. A place that isn't just parroting the same kind of claims as places like Polygon. People on Destructoid might be somewhat upset about the lack of coverage of topics like say the firing of Jessica Price from arena net. However for me no coverage of it very much was better than yet another site trying to prop up the narrative that Jessica Price was driven out for being a woman in gaming after a horrible monster harassed her on twitter by daring to make suggestions and ask questions to a developer about a game they were a community partner with. We already have Polygon to talk bollocks to people and watching more and more sites try to be like Polygon and pushing more and more towards being about Political activist causes with a thin veneer of being about video games is worrying.

I worry about here because I have seen how things go. I was banned from the Escapist which I maintain was a politically motivated ban as the post that got me banned was actually someone else's post that a moderator chose to mysterious ban me for it. Not long after we got to see the Escapist collapse. I was banned from Channel Awesome's forums due to arguments relating to a certain pop culture critic. The moderator in question chose to deem me calling another poster an idiot to be deemed insulting and harassment, the poster I called an idiot had previously in the same topic chosen to accuse me of being a violent rapist, apparently though that was deemed fine to do because I dared to suggest Anita Sarkeesian wasn't absolutely perfect and a revolutionary saving the games industry. Not that long after we got to see Channel Awesome begin to implode.  This is why I made comments about not wanting Destructoid to be run by activist rules because I know where those rules lead. Those rules lead to me being shown the door while others actions are excused and eventually lead to the site imploding or mostly collapsing.

I'm writing this to say I lend my support to Roager because I know where this road goes and I've twice before seen the time come when under "activist rules" it was time to come for me. Yes this is a self serving reason to lend my support to it because I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being told "This place is no longer for you it's 'ours' now". I'm tired of being told "Go somewhere else" as more and more places seem to want to copy Polygon or push the same talking points. I have been given assurances before that the cblogs will let people be open and won't limit difficult discussion as such, but I'm still worried because who's to say if that will hold and stay that way? Will I be deemed 'Advertiser unfriendly' to Dtoid because I happen to upset the wrong group because I don't fall in line with their politics in future? In the past I know at least one person called for me to be fired from here, which I found pretty hilarious as I'm not a Dtoid employee.

I just hope Roagers cblog very much was discussed behind the scenes even if I've seen no indication (outside the comments section there) of what could count as an official response. If it wasn't well this Cblog hopefully serves as a reminder to those who need to, to have that discussion.

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