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Prompt: Design the Mega Man 12 Robot Masters


Less than a week left! Bumping to try and get a few more submissions.

Mega Man 11 is out in, like, a month. Are you excited? I'm excited. I'm especially excited about the prospect that maybe Capcom will start treating the venerable series with respect. Mega Man X9? Mega Man Legends 3? Mega Man: Power Fighters 3? A fangirl can dream.

Like the hungry consumers we are, it's never too early to look ahead to the next core Mega Man title. Capcom probably hasn't even committed to a follow-up, but that won't stop us from speculating. So I propose that we, as a community, just jump the gun and begin taking our best guesses at who will make up the blue bomber's rogues gallery in his dozenth title.


Here's what I require from your submission: Name, picture, description.

If you don't satisfy one or more of those requirements, you're not completely disqualified. My goal is to reach eight robot masters so we can mock up the level select screen, and if this experiment falls short, I'll need to adjust, and that may require just using what I get. But ideally: name-picture-description.

The name has to follow the classic Mega Man naming scheme, which means that it has to end with Man or Woman. Sorry, girls and boys. So that means you can't have Lard Walrus or Burning Banana Slug, it would be Lard Woman and Burning Man.

The picture can be anything original. It can be done on any medium in any style. Want to submit a pixel art creation or a rough sketch done with a ballpoint pen on graph paper? Those work for me. You do you. Just make sure this isn't something that already exists on the internet, because I'll be checking.

What's that you say? You can't draw? Neither can I, but that didn't stop me. Nothing can stop me!

As for the description, it can be as detailed or as brief as you want. What's the boss's power? What power does Mega Man get when they're defeated? What does their level look like? Answer those questions or go off on your own tangent. It's all good.

I'll start, so you get the idea.


I used the 3DS version of Colors 3D to create Spoon Man, because it has always gone over so well when the series references popular music. This robot master attacks Mega Man with dollops of sour cream that fly in wide arcs and create puddles on the ground that Mega Man sticks to. Once his foe is ensnared, Spoon Man starts rapidly ham-boning, clacking out a vicious rhythm with his metal limbs, sending a deadly torrent of musical notes at Mega Man.

I'll beat the rhythm with your bones, Mega Jerk!

When defeated, Mega Man gains the Sour Cream Dollop attack, which allows him to spurt out a wad of sour cream that can temporarily coat spikes, which allows safe passage over top of them. When equipped, Mega Man changes to the colour of brown and red in reference to the Soundgarden song from which the robot master's name is derived.

Spoon Man's stage is... Do you remember Level Ate from Earthworm Jim 2? The one where you travel across bacon while hamburgers grill in the background? It would be like that, only with more tacos; a food themed gauntlet that makes you hungry while you play.

Thanks for the visual mock-up, Jim. (Image source: mobygames.com)


That's all there is to it. To contribute, please post all your biz in the comments or message me and I'll provide my direct email address. You can also QPost it, but I can't promise I'll be vigilant enough to see it. Maybe give me a poke if you go that route and I'll go scoop it up.

I won't judge, so all entrants that meet the loose requirements will get the spotlight, regardless of how terrible your idea is (unless it's really NSFW). I'll post all submissions in a follow-up post (or two, or three depending on how many are submitted), including your picture and description, as well as a comment from me saying how great you are.

Let's fill this baby up!

Deadline for submissions will correspond with Mega Man 11's release date: October 2nd. Late submissions will be scowled at, but probably still included. There's no strict guidelines, so please just have fun with it. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate in reaching out to me.

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