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Two Point Hospital Review (PC, Steam)


A long time ago, I was a fan of various tycoon games. This year, we got a new one in the form of Two Point Hospital after the only title being on the market for a long time was something like The Sims.


Two Point Hospital is about your company starting up various branches of its hospital throughout the area. With each area you unlock, you will also unlock new features, turning the first part of each hospital into essentially a tutorial before the last phases are to challenge you into making a better hospital.


The graphics of the game are a cartoony style that are simple, yet work very well. There are enough character models to create a sense of diversity among the patients (but less so for your staff who tend to look a lot more similar). The cartoon style makes things look simple, but works pretty well. The use of silly animations more than make up for graphics that are considered to be sub-par. There is not much difference between the low and high graphical settings, but a big difference in the frame rates.


The game can feel like one long tutorial. Every stage begins with introducing you to a few new things. These things will be part of the conditions that you must meet in order to earn a three star rating for the hospital and essentially "clear" that stage. By clearing the stage, you earn kudos that you can use to unlock new items to buy. You can also earn kudos by competing against your friends for most income, research points, cured patients, staff trained, or other similar statistics. However, this minor feature essentially forces the game to "always be online." This will be problematic in the future should the servers ever end up going down (it is likely that the game will be unplayable when the servers go down).

Each part of the game begins with figuring out what you are going to need to treat the patients of your given area. Usually, it is whatever new thing was introduced, but as the game goes on, it is no longer as simple. The number of patients increases and as well as their problems. When new problems arise, you will get little letter notices that tell you what the problem is and what you are going to need to do in order to solve it. Usually, it goes GP's Office, Diagnosis, Pharmacy, Ward, and then whatever else comes up.

Soon, you will see that your patients and staff will need things to keep them happy. Staff have things like break rooms while patients will need things like books and vending machines. You eventually have to train your staff with new skills too in order to keep them up to par with your hospital. This creates some customization among your staff as most of them will already have one or two skills and it can take a long time to train them up to higher skill levels to be very effective. But once you do, they are able to burn through the patients and earn you a ton of money on each.

Then, the game throws things like emergencies, something where there are a sudden surge of a certain type of patients, and asks you to take care of them. If you do, you earn kudos and reputation for your hospital, which will bring in more patients and more money. This is the main thing that will lead your hospital to grow. It is just a little disappointing to see that pretty much all treatments that fail result in death instead of some variety.

While the game is simple, it does come with its own share of problems. For starters, lots of characters get stuck. In the worst case scenario, a patient will die while in an office or treatment before it begins. When this happens, the character gets stuck, forever taking the entire section of the hospital that the room occupied and your staff, forcing you to restart the level or else suffer something like a monthly loss of 4000 or more with 0 income from a staff member forever. This problem essentially makes the stage completely unwinnable because the loss of income is counted against your hospital worth and a certain net worth is needed to complete each stage. As of this writing, it has happened four times alone on the stage where animal magnetism is first introduced.

The second problem is a loss of frames. For some reason, the game seems to randomly stutter. It is not because of auto saves because the timing does not add up. It is not because there is a lot of things going on or my computer is spiking its CPU or GPU usage because none of these things happen. It just suddenly freezes for a second or two with no warning and then everything continues as fine. This happens ever few minutes or so on some levels for no apparent reason. Frame rates will just crash from something like 120 to 5 for a few seconds.

Final Score: 5/10

Two Point Hospital is a simple, but good game. As you go on, there is a little more depth, but not by much. It just becomes more entertaining to watch as you unlock more features. However, the game does come with its own share of problems, ones that you could consider as game breaking. The frame rates are inconsistent and will randomly drop or just freeze up your computer for a few seconds at a time. The AI is very dumb and gets stuck. In the worst cases, it will permanently occupy your staff and making the stage of the game unwinnable for you.

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