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Let's Play Dressup: A Plug for Drag Youtube Gaming


Let’s take it for granted, that the internet is for exaggerating parts of your life to seem more interesting. Let’s also take for granted that I use this blog to do that, since I don’t use Facebook enough to screen my mother out of my posts. I heard they let you do that now. But I don’t want to bother to find out how.

Anyway, I went to a party earlier this year and a cute guy mentioned he wanted to do let’s play videos. Now he’s doing them. You should check it out. 

I find myself leaning more towards the LGBT side of youtube as of late. As well as to the side of my personal life. Dissections of Designing Women and assorted Eighties sitcoms by Rantasmo and Matt Baume. Avant garde corndog eating and defenestration of daddies by Contra Points. And while that is all well and good. Maybe I just want to see some friends in makeup try and play Tea Party Simulator 2015’s space level. And now there’s a channel for that.

While I personally can’t help but be afraid of the fact, in today’s world we are often defined by the media we consume. It is nice to have something available when I want to feel gay, but not really wanting to feel like I am sitting in a media studies class.

So feel free to check out Shady Gayming here, a most assuredly unmonitized Youtube channel: https://https:/youtu.be/rGRZw8RpCik


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