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Comments of the Week: 63.... I Think....


Well hey there folks. It's ooktar here to display a new round of Comments of the Week for y'all. I haven't been around here too much to interact with y'all but that doesn't mean I've forgotten you or moved on. I'm still here to judge your comments with the upmost pregidous. So without further ado, here's last weeks picks for your consumption.

ooktar: The headline would've had to been "Windjammers 2 pulls a Sharpshooter in 2019"

ooktar: Sure you could, "JRPG with Characters, Locations and a Storyline."

ooktar: I hope this game spawns more masterpieces like this.

ooktar: It's a Quest to try and find them all.

ooktar: Pokemon 4: 2000 The Movie

ooktar: The Exchange rate for Skyrim has really gone down hill.

ooktar: "We're cutting off free time til Sea of Thieves meets our sales expectations."

ooktar: I'd rather drink Surge than play the Surge.

ooktar: It still won't have Waluigi.

ooktar: "I'm upset that this hasn't happened sooner"

ooktar: Those puns are a Double Bogey

ooktar: Phil's the only one that knows how to properly play Wii.

ooktar: Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells! Grapes, melons, oranges and coconut shells! Ugh!

ooktar: They couldn't Bond over their differences.

ooktar: That would've taken at least two years two develop properly.

ooktar: He actually told me he loved Nier: Automata in private. He's just afraid of losing his Siege cred.

ooktar: This is from the cancelled spin off "Cory's out of the house".

ooktar: Next thing you know she'll be the first Latin American Dr. Who.

ooktar: "Now get Kissinger on the phone so he can hear me Climax"

ooktar: As long as I don't have to literally suck shit.

ooktar: Yep, this is about as perfect as it gets.

Thanks everybody for checking out another edition of COTW. We haven't been too consistent with our entries lately due to various reasons out of our hands but we are all still here to try and deliver the best of the best from our community. As always let us know what you think and tune in next time.

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