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BSG: Beyond the Red Line

I'm hope you guys and gals remember the good Reverend Anthony's post a while back about one the most exciting game mods around. For those of you that do not remember, here is the short and nasty. Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line is a free stand alone game that is currently in development and is built with the Freespace 2 game engine, now dubed Freespace Open. What's that? Freespace 2 is nearly 8 years old? Why yes, yes it is. And thanks to gratuitous upgrades and patches it's absolutely stunning.

The game will feature an original story line, full voice acting (in game and mission breifings), and some of the hardest, most satisfying space sim action you've ever experienced. As with most mods and total conversions this will be out "when it's done." The demo that was released a while back has recived a patch. The patch will fix various issues with the demo release and add NEW MISSIONS!

I can only hope that rest of you are as excited about this as I am. And if any of you want to try out the multi-player in the demo, then send me a message. We'll set up a date.
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