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BoB - Shog's Summer Lovin'


I'm really terrible when it comes to remembering things. All throughout my 20's I would forget my age, I have a lot of trouble with people's names and faces and this is an issue I've always had to deal with; I don't even drink or use mind altering substances! So when it comes to games that I've fallen in love with during those horrible, damnable, blistering summer months, it's taken me some time to come to grips with what games I've actually played over the last few summers. This summer has been easy enough to keep track of since I've literally, physically, written down the name of every game I start playing, even if it's only for a few minutes. When it comes to years gone by though, I'm not nearly as confident in the titles I've spent time playing. That is, I'm not confident when it comes to when I played those games. So I suppose I'll do my best to rack my memories and devulge tales of love long gone...well...digital ones...OR I could just talk about Night in the Woods! 

 I spent a huge chunk of my summer playing great games like Metroid Prime, Octopath Traveler, The King of Kings and, the original Fallout but Night in the Woods is the only one I didn't feel any sense of fatigue from. Night in the woods was great after all and it's all about love...depending on who you spent time with during the course of the game. I may be reading a little too much into aspects of the game that don't actually exist since Night of the Woods is really a narrative game about a young woman who returns home after dropping out of college. The town of Possum Springs is a place that main player character Mae Borowski seems to have put on a pedistal; it's a safe space in a world that sometimes feels unreal and alien. Mae grew up in Possum Springs and she spends a majority of the game lamenting over the things that have been changing and those which continue to change all while trying to keep something of a postiive outlook even when faced with the harshness of reality time and again. A cult is also involved but it's just not as interesting as Mae's longtime friends like Greg, Selmers, Bea, Germ and of course Angus. I loved spending each new in-game day running over to the Snack Falcon to shoot the shit with Gregg and even agonized a bit over whether or not I wanted to spend another day hanging out with Bae instead of the adorable, little, criminal fox-guy. 

(Yeah, he's adorable which is why I felt so bad ignoring him to spend every in-game day with Bea)

Night in the Woods is a very light sort of game. There is a lot of character interaction and dialog but it isn't dense like a visual novel and the characters move around and are very expressive. There are some mini-games and side-quests that come up but they're all fairly simple and over with quickly. The most this games asks of you is to consider a second playthrough since time is finite and you really can't do everything with everybody in one playthrough. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was the best NES Castlevania I've ever played but I'm going to play Night in the Woods again before Curse of the Moon. Baobao's Mausoleum was strange and attention grabbing but I didn't get a sense that the narrative would take me in like that of Night in the Woods. Hollow Knight...OK, Hollow Knight is an amazing game too but Night in the Woods doesn't have a White Palace. Goetia is incredibly intriguing but it's not a game I can get close to completing without a guide. I didn't realize this before I started playing it but Night in the Woods is exactly what I needed and I'm almost certainly going to play it again in September before Wasteland 2 launches on Switch and completely takes over my life. 

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