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Shog has a hot take: Fromsoft, Souls and, Switch


I really, really, like Demon's Souls and Bloodborne so it might be surprising to read that I've never actually played any of the three Dark Souls games which make up the core of Fromsoft's monolithic role playing franchise. Like many Switch owners, I've been waiting for the remastered edition of Dark Souls to launch before I really start that series. None of us anticipated a five month delay but news that Dark Souls would finally launch on the Switch in late October was absolutely appreciated. Significantly less appreciated though was news that Fromsoft would be launching a Dark Souls trilogy collection on the same day for the PS4 and Xbox One.


The Xbox One and PS4 collection is made up of Dark Souls Remasterd, Scholar of the First Sin (Dark Souls 2) and, The Fire Fades (Dark Souls 3), all collected in one convient package for $80. So far I've seen a mostly negative reaction with Nintendo fans claiming that this is a move akin to what EA did back in 2012, when they launched Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U only to then release the complete trilogy on the Xbox 360 and PS3 at roughly the same time. Nobody is going to claim that this wasn't a dick-move on EA's part but there are some key differences between that situation and the one we see here with Fromsoft and Dark Souls.

The first important note is that when EA launched Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, it was essentially a launch title for that platform. Now I'm no marketing manager, nor do I have any experience in the field, but it would have made more sense to package all 3 games and sold them as a bundle on that platform. Unfortunately, EA and Nintendo have had a relationship that could be charitably described as 'rocky', especially in the early 2010's. Since the Wii U never sold well at any point in its lifespan, and software sales were also weak, EA never saw fit to release Mass Effect 1, 2 or, Andromeda on that platform (though by the time that the later was being developed, the writing was on the wall for the Wii U and third party trust in Nintendo was seemingly at an all-time low).

The Nintendo Switch, at this point, is nearly a year and a half old and ever since day one, it's been selling like gangbuster-flavored hotcakes. This is all third party developers really want out of any console manufacturer which is why we're seeing so much more third party support on the Switch than the Wii U (and arguably even the Wii). Even before the Switch became a sales darling though, development kits were distributed to developers and around December of 2016, a certain article released which some may have forgotten about:


We know that the Switch is capable of running Dark Souls 3 and yes, I understand that this doesn't translate to the game being officially in development for the Switch but the console is clearly capable and the demand is there. I hate waiting for something that I know I want but I'm willing to wait another six months to see Dark Souls 2 and 3 announced for the Switch. It's not ideal but that's the precident Fromsoft has set. To be completely realistic about the situation, how many of us already have Scholar of the First Sin or The Fire Fades on the PS4 or Xbone already? As I type this up I'm struggling to think of a funny way to reveal that I've been looking at my copy of Scholar this whole time. 

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