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The SOPA Box: Time's up for the others


Gaming is sick. Gaming is infected. Gaming needs us to save it.

You see gaming has pernicious group of individuals in it. A group that is the sickness in gaming. This group don't care about gaming, they don't want it to be better they are not like us. They are the problem in gaming and it is time we drive them out.

They are the people who want gaming to remain exclusionary, for gaming to not reach it's true potential of touching the hearts and minds of so many people out there. Gaming is a unique medium for its power to present messages and yet through people who can't accept it not appealing to them they're pushing people out. So we must drive them out.

For the future of gaming, for the future of the medium we must drive out these pernicious people who spread lies and deceit. We must show them the door and tell them their kind is not wanted here anymore in this the new inclusive video game industry for everyone. 

Their harmful ideology and harmful toxic games have poisoned gaming for too long and driven too many people away from this amazing industry and this hobby. Just don't play it no longer cuts it, the harm their ideas are doing and the corruption and warping of an industry to push people out with inherently oppressive acts must stop. They and their actions are holding gaming back.

We must take the action of showing these people the door and if they refuse to leave well we'll happily kick their spine out of their bodies. It is time to act now people because they grow ever more confident and drive ever more people out each day.

Artists, developers or just people who play it does not matter who they are, for their toxic influence on this industry must be stopped if we wish to make sure gaming does have a future as the bright inclusive industry we all want and we all know it can be. To get there first we must drive out this cancer that has been growing in gaming and eating away at it. Their ideology is the cancer that is destroying gaming by driving people away.

It is time for us all to come together, to do our part and to drive them out and if they won't leave we do it by force. Hunting them down, dragging them out the doors and burning their consoles to make sure they cannot cause more harm.

It is time to show them who gaming truly is for by driving them out. Stopping their exclusionary toxic elitism. Making gaming great again like it was in its inception. Something for everyone, every taste. Imagine the utopian hobby it will be once we drive the toxic others out.

It is they who will be the first with their backs against the wall in this out glorious revolution to clean gaming of their vile influence. They and their behaviour shouldn't be considered normal, or acceptable, that some feel it is just shows how much damage has been done to this great medium.

They need to be cast out into the cold, shown no sympathy or love and we need to be the ones to do it. For it is clear the powerful of the industry and unwilling to act, they sit counting their money appeasing these vile individuals by refusing to stand against them, it is time for we the people to rise up and overthrow the oppressors in this medium. The industry will remember our actions and thank us for it in years to come as gaming enters a new golden age of with bigger audiences than ever before. As the industry is choosing to not do what is needed it falls to us.

Fear not for we shall shape gaming's future not the toxic others and their ideology of hate and exclusion. We by standing up, being counted and forcing them out will together do this and will together end hate. We are the future of gaming.  Our victory over them will be wondrous and all the bloodshed worth it for gaming will be far better for it.

The time is now people, we will root them out, we will drag them onto the streets and people will see their ideas are no longer acceptable here and those who we fail to get rid of will know we soon come for them. For THE REVOLUTION IS NOW

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