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The Sims 4 PS4 - A Return To a Simpler Time


I remember sitting down as a kid to play The Sims 2 on my PS2. I remember my character getting electrocuted as my in-game mother would demand I fix the TV. I remember my Sim having his own house, and job, and I dreamt of the future and all that real life was set to give me.

Now, 20 years old, here I sit watching my Sim eat cereal... and I love it!

Honestly, I used to play the Sims for hours on end throughout my childhood, and have eased up on the series over the past few years. As a gamer with income, I was going for the new, big games; going for the triple-A titles that push the boundaries and blow your mind.

But now, cereal.

It feels great to finally get to play the Sims again, and just have a much simpler experience with gaming for a while. What motivates me even more, is having it on consoles! Sure I could play it on my PC, but I am just a console gamer at heart, and will always have a soft spot for sitting down and loading up a game, controller in hand.

And I know, I know: 'I could hook my PC up to my TV and use a Steam/Xbox controller'

No thank you, that's still a PC, and all of the frustration that comes with it. I like clicking a button on my controller, hearing an iconic startup with a logo on screen, and then jumping straight into a game. BUT that's not what this is about... 

So with my new game on the Sims 4, I decided against all of my childhood instincts, and made characters that weren't me, and then placed them around the town. Then, after making a little, empty house and a Sim to go with it, I was on my way! I have no big dreams with this save, mind you; no dream jobs, no mansion goals, no bank account deeper than the ocean. I just want a simple house, simple income, and just have a simple experience. Simple. 

At the moment, my Sim is saving up for his first computer, so he can start writing books and play video games. He needs video games, otherwise he'll slam the fridge door again. My poor fridge can only take so much.

This PC investment is still going to be a few more days of work before he can get it, and that's what I like. The simple, but long-term, goals. He is also learning how to play guitar, but only short sessions at a time, so progress will really feel significant each time he eventually gets better at it. I'm going to avoid other intruments, and fishing, and many other hobbies so that I have more to slowly make my way through in the future.

I'm not really sure if the way I play this is weird right now. A normal, simple life, but I don't want to become rich, famous, or have a massive roster of playable sims. 

Like I said, I'm happy to just sit and wait while my Sim eats his cereal. I'm enjoying my experience.

Let me know what you think, and how you guys like to play the Sims! And don't worry, I had my fair share of "lock a Sim in a room until he dies" playthroughs as a kid too; if the Sims 4's possible deaths, and CallMeKevin's YouTube videos are anything to go by, then I know many people still enjoy it as a death-simulator.

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